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Pink Shirt Day – putting an end to bullying


This Wednesday, February 24th is Pink Shirt Day.  Everyone is encouraged to wear a pink shirt to show their support to end bullying everywhere especially in our schools and online.

Pink Shirt Day started back in 2007 when 2 high school students in Nova Scotia, Travis Price and David Shepherd, decided to take a stand against bullying in their school.   You can read more about Travis and David’s message in this article from the Globe and Mail.  

Since 2007, the anti-bullying message has spread across Canada.    Unfortunately, bullying has become a growing issue in our schools and online. Kids need to understand that this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  Schools and businesses alike are spreading the message about standing up to bullying.  There have been many initiatives started across Canada to help end bullying.

Just a few examples of this initiative……

In British Columbia,  Coast Canada (@Coast_Canada) has pledged to donate $1 for every social media post with #PinkITforward up to $45,000 to stop bullying.

Image from

And right here in Oshawa, the OshawaCentre has teamed up with Post-ITs and Shaw Communications for #PinkShirtPromise campaign.  People are encouraged to come to the mall and  post their message against bullying on Post-it Pink wall by Guest Services in Centre Court.  For every Post-It message, the Oshawa Centre will donate $0.25 to Big Brothers Big Sisters Oshawa-Whitby, up to $2500.



I know that on Wednesday, I will be wearing my pink shirt and promoting the #PinkITforward and #PinkShirtPromise campaigns on social media.  I hope you will too.

Let’s put an end to bullying!





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