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My favorite age so far!

Don’t get me wrong, I have loved everything about my son growing up so far but I have to admit this has been the best age so far.  He’s that perfect combo of “he’s still my baby” and “he’s a baby anymore”.


What I love about him being this age:

1.Right now girls are still “icky” and Mommy is his one and only girl.  I know this won’t last too much longer, so I will take it while I can.

2.Hugs and kisses from Mommy are still ok, most of the time. Cuddles at bedtime are a must.  There have already been a few instances where I got the “Mommy, not here!”

3.His still considers his stuffies his best friends. They must be in bed with him every night.

4.Movies and TV don’t always have to be cartoons.  I am sorry, but it will be a cold day in h*&% before I watch another episode of “Caillou” or “In the Night Garden”.

5.We both sing along to the top 40 on the radio. I swear he knows the lyrics to every song out there.

6.We can play board and card games together. And most of the times, I don’t have to pretend to let him beat me.  He does it all on his own.


7.Now that he is reading chapter books, I feel like we are reading real stories, not just “watch Spot run”.   That continuation of a story gives us something to look forward to each night when we read.  That “what happens next”?

8.Jeans and tshirts are perfectly acceptable and rarely cares what I choose for him to wear.  Although he seems to be growing out of them faster than I can keep up.

9. He still wants me to play Lego with him every single day.


10.We have full on conversations about everyday events, and topics at a higher level.  Don’t get me wrong, we don’t talk politics or about the crime in the world but he’s smart enough to talk to me about more than just juvenile topics.

I can’t wait to see what the next years bring us, as I am sure they will be great.

What was your favorite age with your child?






9 thoughts on “My favorite age so far!

  1. Such a fun read! My daughter is only 2 months but part of me is really excited for her to be able to interact more with us. Your son sounds like a great boy!


  2. I feel like every year is my new favorite! My oldest will be 10 in a few months, and I love the self-assured young woman with her own thoughts and ideas that she is becoming. My youngest is 3, and I feel I can enjoy this preschool age so much more with experience on my side (though I honestly don’t think I can know what to expect all the time with this little firecracker!).


  3. I have kids ages 9,7, and 2. I absolutely love newborns and I have always loved 3 year olds…old enough to play and talk and go potty, but still sweet and cuddly. But I do have to say, for many of the reasons you listed, I’m loving my big boy. Reading big kid books, watching him blossom in sports and having real conversations are so fun!


  4. I think 8 was my favorite age so far, although 9 has been hilariously fun. 8 felt like watching a fawn find footing , except it was my son finding his own personality. Thanks for this post – it’s been sweet thinking back through the years!


  5. We are only at age three! But so far it is my favorite because we can communicate more, but still cuddle and have by baby! He is doing more on his own, and potty trained!


  6. This is so sweet! Thank you for sharing…My son is 18 months old and his brother is due in May….Your words are giving me a lot to look forward to in the coming years!


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