Medieval Times review and contest

Royal guests, you are about to take a journey back to the age of valor and chivalry. You will join his majesty with all the pageantry in the ancient  realm for an unforgettable experience of a tournament of knights.  Welcome to Medieval Times!

Recently, we were invited to visit Medieval Times Toronto Castle for an afternoon of knights, princesses and all the pageantry that comes with it.


If you have never been before, I highly suggest that you make a reservation.  It is a perfect outing for any family.

From the moment you arrive, it is like you have been transported back in time.

Before the show begins you are welcomed into the give shop where there is a wide range of souvenirs and medieval fare.  There are plastic and wooden swords and shields for the kids to actual swords for the avid adult collector.  My son was thrilled to add a stuffed dragon to his collection from previous visits.


As the show is about to begin, the team rivalry starts with the “cheering” competition to see which color group gets to be seated first.

Once everyone is seated, the wenches begins to serve the dinner. It is a wonderful feast of soup, chicken, potatoes, corn on the cob, garlic bread and a tart for dessert.  (There is a vegetarian option available as well.)  I remember the first time, I wasn’t quite sure how eating medieval style would work (no utensils) but it ended up being no issue at all.  Packing some extra napkins in my purse, did help.  My son can be a bit of a picky eater and he loved the meal.


While enjoying the feast, the tournament began.  The arena is split into color sections:  green, blue, yellow, red, red & yellow, back & white.  We were a part of the red and yellow team.

The show was non-stop action and excitement.  I was definitely startled a few times at the intensity of the battle when the swords collided and sparked.

The skills of the knights and their horses was amazing to watch.  We enjoyed ourselves so much that I couldn’t believe how fast the time passed.


When the competition was over, the red was the winner and the Queen of the tournament was chosen from the audience.

It was definitely an afternoon to remember and we thank Medieval Times for the opportunity.   A special thanks to our wench, Caitlyn.  She was amazing from the minute we arrived until the end of the show!!


Now it is time for you to get the opportunity as well.

Medieval Times Toronto Castle has given one lucky reader the opportunity to win 2 tickets to see a show at the Toronto Castle.  You can enter to win below.  Tickets must be used for an available show in March or April 2016.  Contest closes on Tuesday, March 15th at midnight EST.

You can get more information on Medieval Times on their website, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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**** Please note that although these tickets were provided to me, all comments, opinions and pictures are mine.

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