March Break madness at the Chelsea Hotel.

Photos provided by the Chelsea Hotel.
Photos provided by the Chelsea Hotel.

In conjunction with our Medieval Times trip, I  decided to make a mini vacation out of our weekend and spend the night at the Chelsea Hotel in Toronto. I had often heard about the corkscrew water slide that they had on site and knew that my son would be all over it!

We arrived at the hotel around 4pm, and unfortunately I think everyone else that was staying there that night had too. The lineup for parking was quite long and we sat for a while only to find out that the garage was full. Luckily, I pulled out my phone and google maps was able to direct me to a parking lot just up the street. Having to walk to the hotel with our luggage was not ideal but ended up costing us quite a bit less than parking directly at the hotel, so I can’t really complain at all about it. 🙂

Photos provided by the Chelsea Hotel.

I hadn’t really thought about it being the first Saturday of the March Break and the fact that the hotel does have 1590 rooms, so needless to say it was really quite busy. My first thought was “OH NO”, but they had that hotel going like a well oil machine. Check-in was very smooth and everyone was extremely friendly to deal with.

Photos provided by the Chelsea Hotel.
Photos provided by the Chelsea Hotel.

Each tower of the hotel has it own set of elevators, so it did help with the congestion of arriving travelers. Upon our arrival and the first hour or so, there was quite a long wait for the elevators but with a full hotel on March Break, it was to be expected. However, the rest of the time we were there, every moved very quickly.

They gave us a very detailed itinerary of events that the hotel was hosting for the March Break. Lucky for us, the events were being held on the weekends as well. Due to the crowds, we had to register for a time slot to use the pool facilities, which I have to say was a brilliant idea. I had envisioned a pool filled to the brim with families or us not able to use the pool due to it being filled to capacity. We were able to get the time slots that we wanted for the pool very easily. My son couldn’t wait to go on the water slide. It is a 2 storey triple corkscrew adventure. My son convinced me to go on it and I have to admit it was a blast. I even went on a few more times afterwards. For a large portion of the ride down, you are in complete darkness. I think for the first hour that we were there, my son went down the water slide almost 20 times.

Photos provided by the Chelsea Hotel.
Photos provided by the Chelsea Hotel.

We had a Chelsea Room with a king size bed.  I knew if I got a room with 2 beds, my son would want to snuggle in with me, so why not go for the big bed so I actually got some room when I slept. 🙂 The room was your standard hotel type of room, very clean and the tidy. Everything was in good condition and made me feel very comfortable.

Photos provided by the Chelsea Hotel.
Photos provided by the Chelsea Hotel.

If I had any complaint , there was a lot of “city noise” in the evening but nothing that the hotel is able to do anything about. It is just indicative of where the hotel is located.  And it doesn’t help that I am the lightest sleeper on the planet.  I could go on and on about our stay but I think I can easily summarize our stay in saying that we will definitely go there again and considering how busy of a weekend it was at the hotel, it was very well managed and a pleasure to be there.

You can check out more details on the hotel on their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

Although the photos were provided to me by the hotel, I was not compensated for this review and these comments are strictly my opinions.


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