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Single Mom’s answer to “I’m bored”

Given the opportunity, like most little boys, my son would happily play on his tablet all day or video games all day. I am sorry but with the nice weather finally upon us, the last thing I want is to be cooped up inside all day.  And as parents, I am sure we have all been there, where as soon as the children step outside, we get the dreaded “I’m bored.”  Well this year, I have decided to nip this one in the bud and put together a list together that my son can use to become “unbored”.   When he says the dreaded words, I will show him this list and he can chose something to make the boredom go away.

Most of these items are free and those that aren’t won’t break the bank.


Yes, I understand that being a single Mom of 1 child, this list only works if I get out with him.  But that is the whole point!!  We get outside together and enjoy not only the wonderful weather, but each other.


So enough of the “I’m bored” and get outside and enjoy it while you can.  Before we know it, it will be back to the cooler weather when you won’t want to be outside.


4 thoughts on “Single Mom’s answer to “I’m bored”

  1. These are some great ideas! I love how your alternatives are activities to do outside. I remember as a kid I was always playing outside (thought that was long before technology rapidly took over). If it’s a nice day we make sure to always go play outside (honestly I prefer that over Mickey for the thousandth time!). Thanks for sharing and linking up with us for some #mommatime!


  2. These are great ideas! My little guy isn’t quite a year but he already loves outdoor time. Looking forward to doing some of these activities with him in the future.


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