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Adrien Gagnon – product reviews

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ChickAdvisor recently asked me to review 2 new products from Adrien Gagnon.  They were the Nutriforme Decadent Fudge Meal Replacement bar and the Super Energex.

As a busy, single Mom, keeping my energy levels up and ensuring I eat breakfast are important.  Both of these products are perfect to help my through my day.

Nutriforme Decadent Fudge Meal Replacement bar



I have tried many a meal replacement bar in my day and I have always coming away thinking the same thing, they have a really chalky taste to them and they suppress my hunger for about 10 minutes.  I was pleasantly surprised with this one.  It definitely didn’t have that chalky, mealy taste and the fudge taste was not too sweet or overpowering.  It was also very filling. I didn’t get that 11am hungry feeling that I normally get and my appetite was satisfied until lunch time.  This bar is recommended as a meal replacement for 1-2 meals a day to help with weight loss.  Although, I wasn’t particularly using it for that purpose, I would definitely consider it as it is very filling and kept my hunger at bay.

Super Energex


I have to admit, I was super skeptical about this product.  On the info card that I received it claimed “An energizing tonic that fights fatigue and helps increase resistance to stress.”  The first day I was planning to try this product, I woke up with a wicked headache and feeling downright awful.  At that point, anything to make me feel better would be welcome.   Once you mix the tonic with water, the color is a bit, well, brown.  I was going to give this stuff a chance no matter how bad it looked or tasted.  I decided that perhaps chugging would be the best option.  But once I started drinking, the orange flavor it stated was actually quite good.  There was no need to down it quickly at all.  It was much more pleasant than the color prepared me for.  Within minutes of drinking it, I was already starting to feel much more alert and energized.   It has now been over a week and my energy levels are definitely increased when using this product.


**These products were provided to me.  However, all comments, opinions and photos are mine.**


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