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Motherhood – Celebrate it every single day!


When you’re a single Mom, especially when you child(ren) are still very young, waking up on Mother`s Day it is no different than any other day.  Your children wake you up at the crack of dawn, not to surprise you with flowers and breakfast, just because that it what they do every day.  You are not treated to gifts of pampering and cards expressing love.  It`s just like every other day.

This is definitely not my pity party or my way to complain about the fact that I am not getting store bought gifts from my child.

But in fact, the greatest gift is the fact that I get to be woken up that morning by my little one with hugs and kisses that he gives me every single morning that he is with me.  We get so little time together that I relish every opportunity I get to have snuggles and kisses.

I don`t need flowers or a card or a day of pampering to know that my son loves me.   The “Mommy come play with me“ and the `Mommy, can I have a cuddle?” are gifts enough.

He’s growing up so fast, I swear it feels like just yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital.  I know that sooner rather than later, he won’t want to snuggle with his Mom or do any of the things we do together now.  So for now, I will take every one of these moments and cherish them.

Growing up I always wanted to be a Mom, there was never any doubt.  So I have gotten the one thing that I truly wanted in life and I don’t need a special day to celebrate it.

There are Mom’s out there that have lost their little ones and Mother’s Day is just another very commercial, constant reminder of their loss.  There are Mom’s like me who want to see their children every single day but due to others’ decisions, they have to be apart from their children for periods of time.  There are women out there that desperately want to have that Mom title, but due to circumstances beyond their control aren’t able to have children and again are reminded of what they are missing out and I find this heartbreaking. That is why we need to cherish what we are lucky enough to have.

So please Mom’s remember to celebrate Motherhood every single day!  They won’t be small long, and soon you will be wishing we had more of these days with them!

Me and Jack




3 thoughts on “Motherhood – Celebrate it every single day!

  1. Enjoy your Mother’s Day with your little one, and give him extra hugs and kisses, the flowers and cards are coming. Enjoy yourself and celebrate with the other mothers in your life. Thanks for taking part in #mommatime


  2. This post rings true to a lot of people. As a step momma I don’t get to see my baby on Mother’s Day and it breaks my heart, but I make sure to enjoy all the little things I can right now before he’s too grown up as well. Such a beautiful post, thank you for sharing and joining us for some #mommatime!


  3. Joining from Blue Faced Momma’s linky party! Happy Mother’s Day to you! Enjoy it! Yes, they will grow up so fast and we will treasure the little things and love them even if they don’t wake us up with breakfast in bed. 😀


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