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What I learned being a boy Mom.

Growing up, I always envisioned myself with 2 children – a boy, and a girl.  I would play Barbie and dress up with the girl and the boy would play cars and Lego with his Dad.  Obviously, my vision didn’t quite end up that way.

Being a single Mom to an amazing little boy, I have definitely learned a lot of things that I probably would have never known.  And there are things that I sort of knew, but my son has definitely confirmed them for me.   And I am thankful for this.

I would have never known……

  1. Pokemon is not just a bunch of trading cards; it is actually a card game. The rules are somewhat complex and this is an entire community of adults out there that take it very seriously. 20160320_152741_HDR
  2. Lego isn’t just a bunch of blocks you make random things out of. There are many different box sets and series to collect. Eg. Ninjago, Chima, Nexo Knights.  And the minifigures themselves come in series and range in common to rare.
  3. Not all little boys are obsessed with sports. My son loves arts and being crafty.  He’d much rather be creating things than throwing a ball around. 20160320_153441_HDR
  4. Stuffed animals aren’t just a girl thing. Boys love them too. My son has way too many and is always wanting to add to his collection.
  5. Jumping in puddles and getting dirty in the mud isn’t all that bad. It’s actually kind of fun. 20160320_153226_HDR
  6. The older they get, the more they want to look “cool” in front of their friends. But get them home and behind closed doors, a Mommy’s hug and kiss are always wanted.
  7. Boys actually do sleepovers. I thought it was just a girl thing.
  8. Over the age of 5, the knees in pants last about 2 weeks tops. I swear they walk around on their knees all day.
  9. The slimier, the dirtier, the grosser, the better!
  10. No male will ever love you as much as your son will!


Having a boy and only a boy has shown me a complete different side of life that I never really knew existed.   I am sure other Moms’ of boys will agree with me and love it as much as I do!

**This post was originally featured as a guest post on #Lifewithboys **

One thought on “What I learned being a boy Mom.

  1. Lovely to see life from your perspective. And you know it’s not that different from a girl mom’s point of view! Pokemon and Lego have a place in our home though perhaps it’s Lego Friends rather than Ninjago 🙂


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