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Kindness In Demand – #Didsomething Campaign

I was thrilled when Kindness In Demand asked me to be a part of their #didsomething campaign.   It was such an easy request, there was absolutely no way I could say no.  They asked me to take my son out on a one on one date and just talk and learn about him.

As a single Mom, my son and I get quite a lot of one of one dates.  I try and have one of at least twice a month.  Life is so busy and parents need to take time out with each of their children so that they can have quality, uninterrupted time with them so that they can hear what they have to say and learn more about them as individuals.  They grow up so fast; we need to make the most of every minute with them that we can before they’re too old to want to spend this kind of time with us.   Children want feel like they have a relationship with their parents, too.


Yesterday, I took my son out for breakfast before taking him to his Dad’s for Father’s Day.  We talked about his upcoming birthday and summer.  We talked about making a “bucket list” of sorts for the summer and things that we wanted to do.  I often make plans for us, but wanted to hear what sort of things he wanted to do.  The places he wanted to go.  I was surprised at some of his answers.  They weren’t things I had expected.     I was glad I had asked the question, so I could make plans accordingly.  I want my son to know that he has a voice in the things we do.  It’s important to make your child feel valued.

I propose to all the parents out there to take part of the #didsomething campaign.  Take your child out on a date and listen to them.   Let them have a voice.



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