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Controlling the Curl with #Curlfriends

Sure,  I love summer and pretty much everything that goes along with it……except for what the humidity does to my hair.  When you have naturally curly hair, any amount of humidity can turn a good hair day into a bad hair day very quickly.  I personally gave up trying to even think about attempting to straighten my hair years ago because within moments of stepping outside, I would look like I had stuck my finger into a light socket.  Definitely not a pretty sight.

For years I have tried many products to try and tame the frizz but nothing has ever tamed the frizz completely.   Even using multiple products at a time couldn’t even cut it.  I pretty much keep a hair tie with me at all times so I can pull it back to control it somewhat in the dog days of summer.

Recently I was asked to give  Curlfriends, which claims to be “The Frizz Beater” a try.  At this point, I am willing to try anything new to calm the frizz.  I was excited the day it arrived because it called for high humidity the next day.  Perfect day to test it!


The gel is a nice light formula and didn’t feel like it was going to weigh down my hair.  After applying it to my hair and giving a very quick blow dry, I already noticed that it didn’t have the normal frizz level.  In the summer, I don’t tend to blow dry my hair very much to minimize the frizz levels.  Now getting thru the day without a disaster was the true test.


I went about my usual day but specifically made a point to ensure I went outside as often as I could to subject my hair to the humidity and wind of the day.  Normally, my hair shrinks about an inch in length and widens about 3 inches on a typical humid summer day.  After my lunch break, everything was still in place.

By the end of that day, my hair still looked pretty much like it did in the morning.  This is a first for me.  As you can see from the photo below, my hair doesn’t look that much different and this is almost 12 hours later and a windy, very humid day.


In the days since I first tried the product, it has continued to impress me and keep my hair frizz under control and not a complete mess.  If your hair is anything like mine, you need to get this.

You can learn more about the Curlfriends and their full range of products on their website.


**Although this product was provided to me, all comments, opinions and photos are mine.***




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