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Fitness Friday + Kindness in Demand team up


With a holiday weekend and travelling, it isn’t always easy to stay on track.  I tried my best and even when I didn’t make the best of choices,  I still made sure I tracked it so I wouldn’t fall so far off the wagon that I couldn’t find my way back.  Monday, I started with a clean slate and hauled myself back to the gym.  Hey, everyone is allowed to fall of the wagon once and a while, it is only human nature.  You just need to be sure to get up, brush yourself off and get back on track.

All me


This week,  This Messy Season and I have teamed up (Team #fabFITbloggers) and participating in the July #Didsomething Initiative with Kindness In Demand.  For the month of July we, along with 3 other teams, will be focusing on our health and fitness.  Each week we will calculate our points, using the preset point system.  The team with the highest ending points will be the “winners” for the week.    We will be using to hashtag #DidSomething as part of this campaign so you can follow along and cheer Team #fabFITbloggers along this month!

Photo courtesy of (be sure to follow them on Instagram)
Photo courtesy of (be sure to follow them on Instagram)

This whole fitness/eating right and losing some weight has really gotten real for me now.  Between teaming up with all of the #fabFITbloggers for our weekly fitness posts and now being a part of the Kindness In Demand #DidSomethingCampaign,  I am not only accountable to myself, I am accountable to anyone who reads my blog and anyone else’s blog who is involved.  I definitely don’t want to fail publicly so this is GREAT motivation.  Doing it on my own behind close doors, it is so easy to push it all off to tomorrow.  Now, there is no escape.  Thanks everyone for helping me out this with journey!

I have definitely noticed that I actually stop and think about what I am making for my meals these days and if I have to stop while I am out to get something to eat, I am making better choices.  For example, the other day, I had forgotten my lunch and instead of hitting the drive thru, I went to our local Farm Boy and picked up this amazing Detox Salad.  If you haven’t tried, it is a must!!!!


And with my fitness, again, I am making better choices.  Earlier this week, the hydro went out at my office building.  Not sure how long it was going to be off, I decided to make the best of my time and walk on the spot and get my steps in while I was waiting.  Before I knew it, 40 minutes had past.  In doing that, I got my 10,000 steps in shortly after noon.  On a work day, that is nearly impossible for me.  I am truly trying to adopt the whole #DidSomething attitude.

Once again this week, in the spirit of accountability, since my last post:
Exercise:  2x gym visits, 1- 40 minute walking on spot in office, 2- 20 minute walks
Food Management:  Stayed on track 7 of the 7 days (Not always the best choices but stayed in calorie range.)

Hope you all have a great week and don’t forget to cheer on Team #fabFITbloggers!!!


One thought on “Fitness Friday + Kindness in Demand team up

  1. I always find it hard staying on track health-wise over weekends, and when travelling (especially when travelling!), good for you! You look great, and you seem like you have a lot of drive.


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