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Fitness Friday – You are what you eat – #fatFITbloggers


It really doesn’t matter how much you exercise, if you intake of calories is more than you outtake of energy, you’re still going to gain wait. And that is my biggest weight loss issue. I have always seemed to have an appetite that doesn’t quit. And it really doesn’t help that I have a wicked sweet and salty tooth.

When I am trying to really watch what I am eating, my best tool is some sort of food tracker. I am currently using MyFitnessPal. It is great because it a has a huge database of food available and I can also link my FitBit to track the calories burned. It’s quite surprising how quickly I can burn thru my daily calories. It’s really been an eye opener.


I am not one of those people that can follow a strict diet plan.  I can’t follow one of those plans that tell me what to eat when.  That just doesn’t work for me, my schedule or my life in general.  If I am feeling deprived, inevitably I will crumble and binge on whatever it is I am craving.  For me, it is all about balance.  If I want to have french fries and a burger then the rest of the day I need to be eating mostly fruit and vegetables and lean proteins.  Sure I can talk the talk, but practicing what I preach isn’t always easy.


I find my greatest weakness comes when I am away from home.  I don`t always make the best choices.  But it something that I am definitely working on.  I am trying to keep as much junk out of my reach and really thinking about what I am putting in my belly.  I also really want to work on this so that I can pass these better eating habits on to my son.  The last thing I would ever want is for him to struggle with his weight the way I have.

I have started a few things to try and prevent me from making unwise eating choices.

  1.  When I go grocery shopping, I always make a list that I link to a eating plan for the next few days – less chance to pick up unnecessary, unhealthy food items.
  2. I always pack a lunch to take to work.  If there is already a meal waiting for me in the fridge, I am less tempted to go out and hit the drive thru.
  3. I always try to have a bottle of water with me.  A lot of  times when I think I am hungry, I am just thirsty.  Zero calorie water is much better than eating something that I really don’t need.


I am definitely not close to perfect, I am not even close to good about my eating, Each day is a struggle, but I am trying and that is at least progress.

Again  this week, in the spirit of accountability, since my last post:
Exercise:  3x gym visits, 20 minute walk, 45 minutes of swimming
Food Management:  Stayed on track 6 of the 7 days (Yesterday was a complete disaster.)