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Fitness Friday – Working towards a goal


My goal for last week was enjoy my time off with my son and focus on spending our last few vacation days off the summer. Having fun and just enjoying our time together were top priority.  I wasn’t concerning myself with getting to the gym or counting calories.  I was taking a vacation and would deal with the scale when I returned.  And how could I not enjoy myself with views like this?


But sometimes that first day back after a nice week of vacation, I feel like I am being punished for ever taking said vacation. This past Monday was definitely one of those days.  Although, I got my eating back on track my body was still in relaxation mode and Monday evening I didn’t get want to get off the couch.  I got my 10K steps in and called it a day.   However, now,  I need to focus on having a goal in mind and getting back on track to reaching that goal.

I am not focusing this journey on reaching a certain weight.  I feel like a goal like that can set me up for failure and disappointment.  Perhaps my body is just not meant to be 120lbs and I am fine with that.  I just want to be fit and feel comfortable in my own skin regardless of what the numbers on the scale say.  But that being said, I still will use the scale as a guide and some motivation but I won’t get it be the be all and end all.


Instead, I am setting small attainable goals that can hopefully be achieved in small time frames.  If I can reach the first goal, it will give me the motivation to try for the next bigger goal.  My first goal is to hopefully run the 10K Terry Fox run coming up in September.  I am planning to do this run for 2 reasons.  First and foremost, the Canadian Cancer Society is a charity near and dear to my heart.  I have had not only my Mom affected by cancer but other family and friends as well.  And secondly, I take a bit of gulp when I even say 10K.  It seems like a tough goal to meet but unless I actually commit myself to doing something such as this, I will never push myself to get there.

So Tuesday, I decided to forge ahead full steam and start really training.  I knew I could handle a 5k, but now I need to focus on doing more.  I hit the gym running….literally.  And after being pretty much off the wagon for over a week, I am not going to lie, it was tough.  I actually enjoy running, it is like an escape for me but after a week of chips and cookies and all kind of goodness, I definitely felt it.  By 3km in, I was a sweaty gross mess.


I knew that there was NO way I would get close to 10km in, but at least it was a start.  I will keep pushing forward towards my goal (only a few weeks left) and hopefully come run day, I will be able to complete my goal and move on to the next one.

Wish me luck!


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