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Fitness Friday – Staying Strong during the season of gluttony


As much as I love summer, I have to say I do really love the fall as well.  Truth be told, I just hate winter and love all the other seasons.  But as much as I love the fall, to me it is the season of gluttony.  Before the kids are even back into school the stores are full of Halloween and Thanksgiving paraphernalia.

The worst for me are those “bite size” chocolate bars.  They sit there and they tempt me like no tomorrow.  I try to reach for just 1 and then try to convince myself that a regular chocolate bar is the equivalent of 3 of the minis.  So 1 turns into 2 that turns into 6.  And then I am beating myself up for eating the first one that started this whole mess.  😦


And I swear as soon as the clock strikes midnight and it becomes September 1st, everything and I mean EVERYTHING turns into pumpkin.  Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice candles, and so and so on.  The other day I was on Facebook and I thought I had seen it all.  It was a picture of Charmin pumpkin spice toilet paper.  At that point, I was done!!!!  But luckily it was just a hoax.  It was so realistic that Charmin even acknowledged it on Twitter.   Unlike my weakness to the mini chocolate bars, I have been fairly strong with the temptation of the pumpkin.  So far, I have only had a pumpkin muffin.  It was tasty but as soon as I realized it was over 450 calories, that was the last of that.


With this weekend being Thanksgiving here in Canada, it’s yet another chance for the gluttony to prevail.   I love the turkey, the dressing, the mashed potatoes but I am going to have to have it all in moderation.  As it is, I have been eating terribly for the past few weeks and my body is complaining about it.  It’s a real eye opener to me that my body has actually gotten used to me eating healthier and letting me know when I don’t.

So this week I have been eating much healthier, getting back on track and my body is starting to forgive me.  Getting to the gym this week has been difficult due to other commitments but I am still managing to get my 10,000 steps in each day.  That has been somewhat of my saving grace.  I am hoping to step my exercise game up this next week and get the whole package back on track.

What is your game plan to keep things under control during the season of gluttony?



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