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Explore the world with Little Passports

Disclosure:  Although items in this post were provided to me, all opinions and comments are strictly mine. This post contains affiliate links.


I don’t know about the rest of the parents out there, but I am really tired the constantly being asked by my son “Can I play on my tablet?”.  Just this past weekend, I told him that I sick and tired of talking to the top of his head, as it’s all I see of him when he’s playing on it.  If he is going to be using his tablet, I would much rather he be using it to explore and learn about new people, places or things, rather than aimlessly collecting jewels or points in a game.

That is why I really enjoy the Little Passports program.   It’s get the kids away from the tablet games and gets them learning about the amazing world we live in.   Little Passports is a monthly subscription with different programs for children starting as young as age 3.

We received the World Edition for 6-10 year olds and my son is loving it.  And what kid doesn’t love getting things in the mail for themselves?  In our first delivery, we received the starter kit that contains the signature blue suitcase, their very own passport, Wall-sized world map, a welcome letter, stickers and other activities plus access to online games in the Boarding Zone.


In each subsequent month, we received a package highlighting a different country around the world with activities, fun souvenirs and information about that country. You get a sticker for your suitcase, one for your passport and then a “pin” sticker to locate that country on your world map and a fact sheet about that country.  Geography is not my strong suit, so I am learning just as much as my son.



Each time, there are also fun activities included for your child to enjoy.  This past month we got to explore Japan.  My son loved learning about origami.  There were instructions and origami paper included so he could make some pieces of his own.


My son enjoyed using his tablet to explore the games in the Boarding Zone but he also wanted to lean more about the countries.  I would help him find the information and increased his knowledge about these areas of the world quite a bit.  Exactly how I want him to use his tablet.

This holiday season give the gift of adventure.  It’s a gift that will last the entire year and get them learning about the world we live in.  Also, it might just tear them away from those tablets or at least use them a little differently.


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