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To all the single ladies on Valentine’s Day

As I said in my post last year, to me Valentine’s is not about being in a relationship or whether you are single.  To me it’s about celebrating the ones you love.  But once again, as it is every year, we are being suffocated with advertisement after advertisement, post after post, photo after photo that try to enforce the message that being single on Valentine’s Day makes you somewhat unworthy!

There is constant scrutiny on the fashion and fitness industries for creating the wrong message to young women about body image.  Are Valentine’s advertisers not creating the same sort of message to young girls as well?  The message that if you are not in a happy, committed relationship that allows you to be showered with flowers, jewelry, card or any sort of gifts then perhaps there is something wrong.  I thought we were supposed to be teaching the young women is this world that it’s okay to be a strong, independent woman.

I am not trying to sound like an old, bitter, single woman.  That is not my intent at all.  But I would be a bold face liar if I didn’t admit that when the onslaught of media being rubbed in my face day after day for the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day doesn’t get to me once in a while.  Are there days that I would like to have someone to come home to, absolutely.  Does it make a lesser of a woman that I don’t, absolutely not!

Well, regardless if my two cents mean anything to anyone or not, this is my message to all the single ladies out there.  You are worthy!  You are out there, doing it on your own and doing a damn good job.  Sure having someone to share the good and bad times with is nice to have, but it doesn’t make you any less of a woman if you don’t.

So today if you are feeling the pressures of Valentine’s Day, remember I have your back!  And today I will remind myself of the great word of Stuart Smalley “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me.”