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Put on that bathing suit from Rad Swim

Disclosure: Although items in this post were provided to me, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

A few weeks ago, I posted a short video of me in my bathing suit whilst using a friend’s makeshift slip and slide on Instagram.  It really took a lot of humming and hawing to actually post the video.  I am usually very self conscious about posting any photos of myself, let alone one of me running in a bathing suit.

This year, turning 45, I decided that it was time I stopped worrying about what people thought and just doing things for myself and my own enjoyment.  As I stated in a previous post and in my current mind frame, I decided to post to the video and not really care if it was out there for everyone to see.

Having a great bathing suit, like those made by Rad Swim, can really help with the self confidence.  They make some of the cutest bathing suits that I have seen in a long time.  The line of suits come in 1 piece or tankini styles for women, teens and young girls.  The styles are super flattering so you will want to be spending your entire summer at the beach or poolside in these.

Although Rad Swim is located in the US, shipping to Canada is a breeze.  Here is Canada we often see things that we want, only to find out that won’t ship to Canada or it will take forever to get here.  Luckily they do ship to Canada and it came very quickly without any hassles at the border.  I think from the time I ordered my suit to the day it arrived was less that a week.  So there is ample time to get one for yourself this summer.

The suit that I received was the  Holly and Lexi sequin one piece.  I am always skeptical about bathing suits but I was so happy when I got this one.  The bust area wasn’t too small and didn’t have to worry about anything spilling out.  Being such a light color I was a bit worries about coverage but the fabric is thick and the suit is lined, so no issues at all.  I loved the sequined detailing on the bust.

I don’t know about you, but the weather here lately has been awful.  Rain every day and not the warmest.  I even had troubles finding a day and time that the weather would cooperate to even get photos for this blog post.  So I am hoping that now that we are into July that the weather will finally start cooperating and I can spend my summer outside and enjoying the warmth.   And put on that bathing suit, enjoy life, it’s too short not to.


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