Inspire My Creativity – Chalk Paint (and Link party)

I can’t believe we are already into August and it’s that time again to co-host our link up party with my favorite crafty ladies  If this is the first time you’ve visited, on the 2nd Wednesday of each month we will be bringing you our latest DIY creations. This month our theme is “Chalk Paint”.    And let’s not confuse it with chalkboard paint, which is something completely different.

If you aren’t familiar with chalk paint, it is a type of paint that can be used on furniture and other items to create a chalky appearance.  In recent years it has become popular with those looking for that “shabby chic” style of decorating.  It has an aged, rustic look to it.

Last month, when I made over my lamp, I mentioned I was going to be focusing on completing my bedroom after our recent move.  Having the chalk paint theme was the perfect motivation to refinish my bedroom furniture.

The furniture that I originally had in my room had previously been painted grey and just wasn’t the look I was going for anymore.  I wanted something more feminine and rustic looking.  I had recently bought a new bedspread and pillow shams that had that country, feminine look and feel and just need to update the furniture and my room would be complete.

I decided that I wanted to go with a white chalk paint and picked up a can of Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte paint in Linen White.  I was skeptical that this small can would be enough for all the pieces I wanted to cover but the I was assured at the store it was going to be enough.

Before I could start painting, I went over each of the pieces with fine sandpaper and then a damp cloth to get rid of all the excess dust.

The paint went on very easily and didn’t need a lot to get the proper coverage.  You definitely need to use light brush strokes to ensure you don’t get lines.  It took me a while to get the hang of it and get the look I was going for.  It was a long and tedious process getting all the drawers done.

I was surprised how quickly the paint started to dry and get that lovely chalky look to them.  The paint indicates that one coat is usually adequate but could take up to 3 coats based on the look that you want.  Luckily I was able to achieve the look that I wanted with just one coat.  I had plenty of paint left too.  There was still about a half a can left.  I left the paint to dry overnight to ensure it was fully dried.

At this point, I could have again taken some fine sandpaper and roughed up some of the corners to give it more of an antiqued look to it, but I was quite happy with the results and left it as is.  I then used some Minwax Paste Finishing Wax to seal the paint.

This step was quite easy and took no time at all.  I used a clean J Cloth ( or you could use cheesecloth) and put a small amount of wax into it and then applied to each of the pieces.  After about 15 minutes of drying time, I went back with another clean cloth and buffed it.  My pieces were now finished and ready to use.

When I finally got the drawers refilled and back into place, I was delighted on how good they looked in my bedroom.  It’s that perfect feminine, country charm look that I was going for.  The entire project costs me less than $50 and looks amazing.

As I previously mentioned, I am a co-host for the Inspire My Creativity: Chalk Paint and link up party.   If you’d like to join us, we post the second Wednesday of each month.

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