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Sticky Brick Tape, a Lego lovers dream

Disclosure:  Although items in this post were provided to me, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

A few months ago social media seemed to be a flutter with all kinds of posts talking about the latest and greatest in the Lego world -that being flexible Lego compatible strips that could be attached almost anywhere.  My little Lego lover informed me almost immediately he HAD to have this and I have to admit,  Sticky Brick Tape is probably one of the coolest things that I have seen in the toy world in the longest time.

The tape comes in 1 metre ( just over 3 feet) lengths and is 2 Lego dots wide.  The Sticky Brick Tape versions come in 4 different colors – grey, red, green and blue.  The material is quite flexible and can be cut to whatever length that you want to use which means the different ways to use it are limitless.  The tape portion it quite strong and will hold on well to whatever surface you choose.

My son and I have so many ideas of what we could use this for.  We decided we would start by using it to attach some of his minifigures to his Lego storage unit so he could display them.   We weren’t sure if we wanted to do one long strip or individual blocks, so we started with a smaller 2×2 block.

After attaching it to our storage unit, he was able to attach one of his minifigures to display.

The figure attached very easily and has a strong hold like regular Lego so I am not worrying about them falling off.  We decided we would add longer strips on the side of the container and then be able to add multiple figures randomly along it.

My son has yet to decide which of his overabundance of minifigures he will be putting on there but I am sure it will look fantastic once he is finished.  It will also make it easier to find them, instead of having to dig through a drawer to find the one he wants.

Using Sticky Brick Tape to help display minifigures is only one of probably a million ways you can use this product.  You could stick it on walls, on tables, on notebooks, on whatever your imagination can come up with.  Would your little Lego lover go crazy with their very own Sticky Brick tape?

Enter to win a prize pack of 4 rolls of Sticky Brick Tape by clicking on the image below!

Contest open to residents of Canada, US and UK.

Contest ends September 30, 2017.



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