Inspiring My Creativity: Embroidery Hoop Chalkboard

I can’t believe it’s already that time again for our Inspire My Creativity link up party.  If you haven’t visit us before, you can check our link up from last month with all of our Fall Themed ideas.  Each 2nd Wednesday of the month, we post our latest and greatest creations.  Each month has a predetermined theme.  This month’s theme was Embroidery Hoops and I created an Embroidery Hoop chalkboard.

When we decided on this theme, I really struggled for a while deciding how I could best put this to use in my home.  I scoured over Pinterest and nothing was really jumping out as something I really needed to make at this time.  And after coming home from grocery shopping and realizing I had forgotten several things that I needed but didn’t have on my list, the idea of a chalkboard came into my head.

I hadn’t seen anything like my chalkboard idea before so I was going in blindly, but in the end it was really super easy to make.  The materials that you will need for this project are:

  1. Embroidery Hoops – I used  12 inch and 3 inch hoops
  2. Fabric – any color and design to match your decor – to fit the above hoops, I used an 18×21 inch piece
  3. Paint – I used some paint from my son’s craft box
  4. Chalkboard vinyl – I used the Cricut Chalkboard vinyl
  5. Chalk

The first step is to paint the hoops and let them dry thoroughly.  I only gave them 1 coat and they dried within about 15 minutes.

I then placed the chalkboard vinyl under the inner hoop of my 12 inch hoop set and traced the circle to ensure I had the correct size for me to cut out.

I then took the fabric and placed it in the 12 inch hoops and pulled on the edges until it was nice and tight.  Remember, you have to eventually have to be able to use as a writable surface.  Once the fabric was in place, I trimmed fairly close to the edges but not enough that it could pull through and come apart.

Once it was ready and in place, I applied the chalkboard vinyl to the front and the chalkboard portion was now ready to go.  Yes, it was really that simple.

In order to make my chalk holder, all I did was fold the fabric to almost in 3 to make a pocket area to hold the chalk.

Once I had the fabric folded, I just placed the 3 inch hoops into place and tightened as well.  Before it was completely in in place, I did give the outer pocket a bit of a pull to be able to fit the chalk.    I trimmed the edges as I did the actual chalkboard hoops. And again, voila, the chalk holder for my chalkboard was ready to go.

Once both pieces were ready, I simply hung them on the wall and they were ready for me to use.  Now, anytime I realize I am out of something, I simply write it on the chalkboard and before I head out for groceries, I can simply take a quick picture with my phone and be ready to shop.

chalkboard embroidery hoops

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Do you have an Embroidery hoop craft of your own that you would like to share with us?  Join our Link Up party below.

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