Creating and Gifting with Black & Decker

Disclosure:  Although items in this post were provided to me, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

With the holidays upon us, not only is time to think about gifts for loved ones, it’s also a great time to get some holiday crafting done.  For me, Black & Decker is helping me out with both of these.

Truth be told, in the past when it came to anything needing to be cut or drilled or anything that involved power tools, I relied on my Dad to come to the rescue.  My Dad is always willing to help me out but now that I am in to my 40’s, a Mom and live 2 hours away from my Dad, I need to be a little more self sufficient to do things like this for myself and take my crafting and home decor to a new level.

Last Christmas, I won a little wooden tree that my son’s class had decorated in a raffle at his school.  Having a need to have things symmetrical around my mantle, I decided I wanted to make another one so I could have one on each side.

Black & Decker before
Before – and our inspiration.

It is a pretty simple design and knew I could probably copy it without a lot of difficulty.  I took the measurements of the wood and headed off to get the appropriate lumber and screws.

The tools I would require would be a drill, circular saw and a sander.  So I got out my Black & Decker tools and got started. What I like about these tools as they are an amazing quality and not too heavy for me to use.  I have tried other drills/etc in the past that were really heavy and it kind of deterred me from using them.

I came home and measured the wood for the appropriate length for each piece and was ready to cut.  Remember the age old rule – measure twice, cut once.

I am not going to lie, using a saw of any sort can be a bit intimidating at first, but as long as you follow the instructions completely and ensure you understand all the safety rules, it can really open up a whole new world and level to your home crafting projects.

After cutting the wood, I used my sander to take all the rough spots off and prevent any snagging on fabrics or slivers when being used.

Once all the pieces were ready to use, I lined them up and was ready to assemble the product.

Once the wood pieces were all screwed together, I passed the project along to my son add his artistic flare to it.  As the original was done by him and his classmates, I wanted to have this one to have his personal tough as well.  We really enjoy doing projects like this together.  Although the end product may not look like it came out of a store, it is something that we can look back and remember doing it together.

Now we have a set of 2 trees decorating our mantle with our own personal touches and will be a part of our holiday decor for years to come.

Completed – it may not be perfect, but it is ours!

Having the right tools though, makes a huge difference and can definitely boost your confidence to conquer more projects and makes a great gift for those wannabe crafters, young adults just starting out on their own or really, pretty much anyone. Having even the basics to do simple repairs around the house can make things so much easier and make home renovations a breeze.  The Blacker& Decker Project Kit with Drill/Driver is the perfect starter kit as it has all the basics you can need and even comes with a carrying case so that you have everything in one place.  I know a few people on my list that would love this and the other tools that used for this project to be under their tree this Christmas this year.

Now that my son is getting a bit older, he is quite intrigued in using the tools himself to make his own little projects.  I am hoping to find more of these types of projects that we can do together throughout the year.  Not sure what we will do next but I am sure we will have fun doing it and thanks to Black & Decker the sky is the limit as we have the proper tools to do it.


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