Creating Holiday Memories at Christmas

As we were putting up the Christmas tree this past weekend, I couldn’t help but sit and think about all the great memories of Christmas’ past when looking at all the homemade ornaments I have collected over the years that my son had made.  I love that every year something has come home from his school or daycare that he had made himself that we could put on the tree.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my Christmas tree is never one of those perfectly curated ones that adorn people’s Instagram profiles.  Mine is always a hodgepodge of memories collected year after year from my son.  And truth be told, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

memories on the tree

I am a total sucker when it comes to the daily Facebook memories.  I love looking back on things that had happened on that day remembering the good times (and sometime the bad) and sometimes seeing things that I had totally forgotten about and glad to have had my memory jogged.

So each year, I like to do something new with my son to remember that year.  This year, we made a wooden Christmas tree to match one we had won at an event as his school the previous year.  I always make sure I put a year on it, if it doesn’t already have it, so I can look back and remember how old my son was when we did that.

Memories tree

This year my son didn’t seem to want to put some of his homemade decorations on the tree (especially ones from when he was really young).  I think he’s at that age where he wants to be “older” than he really is and baby things aren’t “cool” right now.  As hard as it is for me, I let him take charge of decorating the tree as he wished.  Again, making some memories.  I just made sure the decorations were probably and safely packed away to be taken out and hopefully used next year.  At least I will have them for future use.

One of the things I wish I had done was make imprint ornaments of my son’s hands and/or feet each year to see how much he’d grown.  I know I would get to a point that he would be too big (like now) but it’s something I wish I had done.  I saw the imprint packages by Pearhead at BuyBuy Baby the other day and it kind of made me kick myself for not having these for my son.  These particular ones are no mixing or baking and simple to use.  There is no reason not to have them for your little ones. These make the cutest ornaments and the perfect memories year after year.

sparkle memories

babyprint memories

Do you have things that you do year after year to make special holiday memories?  Are their things that you wish you had started earlier or done at all with your children that you haven’t?

Here is your chance to make more holiday memories.  Head over to the A Boy and His Mom Facebook page and you can enter to win a $100 gift card to BuyBuy Baby, thanks to BuyBuy Baby Whitby location.  All you need to do  is upload a photo of your Pearhead baby ornament (available at BuyBuy Baby) that you have made for your child and like the post and you are entered.  Contest open to residents of Canada only and ends on Sunday, December 17, 2017 at  11:59 PM EST.  Winner will be chosen by random draw.  This draw is not affiliated with Facebook or Instagram.



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