Has Anyone Seen My Motivation?

I started off the beginning of the year with so much excitement and motivation for 2018, myself and my blog.  And here we are only into March and I have somehow lost my motivation somewhere along the way.  Can’t be sure where I left it,  but I am sure I need to find it and fast!  Why can’t motivation have a tracking system similar to the “Find iPhone” app that I have?

In regards to my fitness and weight loss, I haven’t been doing too badly.  Very slowly but surely pounds are coming off and I am getting to the gym on a regular basis and I am definitely much more careful about what I am eating.  But even with that, I can see myself starting to falter.  I have done so well so far, I don’t want to take any steps backwards with it.

With everything else, the motivation is terrible.  I look at my blog and see how few posts I have done this year.  I have quite a few that need to be done and I know it, but finding it in myself to actually sit down and type something seems to be gone.  I have so many hopes and dreams for it and I know that sitting doing nothing isn’t going to make things happen for me but still things remain undone.

The are projects and things that I want to do around the house and with my son and yet I still find myself binge watching Netflix instead of actually getting things done.  It’s really starting to get to me and I need to find a way to get myself out of this situation I have found myself in.

Perhaps it is the weather and this never ending winter that is getting me down.  Perhaps it’s other things that are going on behind the scenes in my life.  Perhaps I just need a good swift kick in the pants to get this laziness out of me.

Writing this down and making myself accountable to you publicly is hopefully the first step.  I have admitted that I need to get off the couch and push myself to achieve the things that I want for myself and my blog.  April is my birthday month so I am going to make it THE month for me.  By then I want to be back on full track and making things happen.

In the meantime, if you have seen my motivation, can you please return it to me?


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