Inspire My Creativity – DIY Floral Crown

What girl doesn’t like feeling like a princess every once in a while?  And the first order of business is to be wearing your crown strong and proud.

It’s time again for our Inspire My Creativity blog hop.  If you haven’t visited us before, you can check out one of our previous hops where we made “Dollar Store” crafts and I made my own monogrammed bag.  Each 2nd Wednesday of the month, we post our latest and greatest creations.  Each month has a predetermined theme and this month’s theme is “Flowers”.

It took me a bit to figure out what I was going to make for this particular craft.  I wanted something different than just a flower arrangement.  And with a winter that never seems to ending, I wanted to think about looking forward to spring.  And what better than thinking about getting back to the flowery dresses and a floral crown as an accessory.

I have seen floral crowns on Etsy, Amazon and Forever 21 and was sure I could come up with something on my own for a fraction of the cost.  And I was able to easily do that with a trip to my local Dollarama.  All I needed was some metal wire and some paper flowers.

Floral Crown Metal Wire

Floral Crown Flowers

The first step is to take the metal wire and measure a length around the circumference of your head.  Add a few extra inches when cutting and then wrapped the ends together to form the circle for your crown.

Make Crown

I then clipped the wires on each of the flowers to about 1/2 an inch in length.  Taking each flower, I began wrapping them on to the wire.  I started around the area where I initially joined it together to cover it up and help ensure it didn’t come apart.  You can use as many or as few flowers as you wish depending on how much of your crown you wish to be visible.

Wrap on Crown

Be sure to wrap as much of the flower wire as you can so that it’s not sticking in to your head when wearing the crown.  The base wire will twist and turn a bit as you add the flowers, so just be sure to straighten it after each flower.

Crown almost done

Once you have added your desired amount of flowers, your crown is ready to wear.  Never has feeling like a princess been so easy.

Crown twins

crown me

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