Summer fun with Bubble Pong

Disclaimer: Although items in this post were provided to us, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

As a I look my slightly sunburned skin, I smile and remember all the fun we had on our first official long weekend of the summer.  The weekend was filled with visiting family, swimming with friends, movies in the park and lots and lots of bubbles.  Yes, bubbles.

We recently received Bubble Pong by Gazillion to test out.  It is a 2 player ping pong ball game and bubble machine all in one.  I love 2 player games as my son and I can play them together, just the 2 of us.  Often other games require more than just the 2 of us and harder to enjoy.

Bubbles pong box

The object of the game is to bounce the balls into your opponent’s side and when you do, bubbles come out at them.  It has 3 different modes – beginner, intermediate and advanced.  And let me tell you, the advance mode took some skill so kids of all ages can enjoy this.  And when you are done playing the game or just want to enjoy bubbles, you press a button and it becomes a bubble machine.

My son is a bit older so I wasn’t quite sure what he would think of it but he loved playing with it.  He even begged me to let him take it to a friend’s house over the weekend so that they could play with it there.

Bubbles game

It’s fairly compact so it is easy to take with you.  The only downfall is that if you have the bubble liquid in the machine and want to take it somewhere you do risk spilling some of the liquid out.  But realistically you could just put it in a plastic bag and it will be fine.  It does take 8 AA batteries but they seem to last quite a long time in my opinion and the bubble liquid surprisingly last a long time too.

Bubbles machine

With summer just starting I am looking forward to spending a lot of time outside playing Bubble Pong with my son and watching him and his friends enjoy the bubble machine.  You can get your own Bubble Pong in Canada at Walmart, and ToysRUs.


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