Midwives – Supporting Pay Equity

Most people that know me, know that I am not one to talk a lot about my personal and political beliefs on social media.  I believe what I believe and am very rarely swayed from that.  However, being not only a woman, but a single parent doing it on her own, this is a campaign that I support fully and believe we should all know more about.  And that is supporting pay equity for midwives.
midwives overdue
I did not use a midwife personally, but that doesn’t mean I don’t support what they do and support the right for them to have pay equity.
Pay equity for midwives is #overdue. In Ontario, women on average earn only 71 cents on the male dollar. This gap is more pronounced for women and trans people, especially those who are Indigenous, racialized, elderly, newcomers, or those who have a disability.
The pay equity gap for Ontario’s most female-dominated profession, midwifery, is at least 48%. How is this even possible?  Male or female, whoever is doing the job should be treated equally. 
Midwives are awaiting a decision from the Human Rights Tribunal in response to their application for pay free from gender discrimination. They believe a decision is imminent – likely later this month.
They need your support. You can help support this campaign by ordering a t-shirt from their campaign site ( and take a picture to share on social media channels. Please use the slogan: Pay equity is #overdue!
Once the decision is out, you can also join midwives for a rally at Queen’s Park or across the province on social media with the hashtag #OVERDUE.
Midwives overdue
I believe that the concept of equal pay for equal work is something we should all support especially when the variance is so drastically different.  Your support is appreciated.  Thank you!

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