Writers Block and How I’m Getting Through It

The holiday season is almost always the busiest time of year for most people, especially bloggers. But what happens when you get a terrible case of writers block? How do you push past and get your blogging mojo back?

That is what I have been struggling with for weeks now. I have been trying to put my fingers on the keyboard but nothing seems to come out.

At night when I go to bed, ideas swirl in my head and blog post after post gets composed there but never actually end up being typed up. It’s not that I don’t try, but for some reason it just never seems to come together.

I want what I write to sound authentic, not forced. I want it to sound like it sounded in my head and not like it came out of a robot. Perhaps I need to invest in some sort of dictation app so I can easily record my thoughts while lying in bed.

Regardless, having this writers block of sorts totally stresses me out. I have a bad habit of procrastinating with some things but I’ve never tried to let that affect my blogging. Consistency is key they always say and lately, I have been the furthest thing from that.

So what have I done to fix my writers block? I took a step away for a couple of weeks. I know I have a number of posts that I need to get done and posted but I will get them done and done properly. Not forced, not because I “have to”. That is the last thing I want for my blog.  I’ve been trying to keep up my posting with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and actually getting a full on blog post out has been wickedly difficult. I’ve taken some time away from actual blogging and trying to come back fresh and motivated.

So what have I done to regain this lost mojo?  I’ve taken time to reflect on what’s important to me. I’ve taken a step back to remember why I originally started blogging.  Whether I’m an influencer, a blogger or a storyteller, I want my writing to sound like I am writing as if I am having a conversation with you…one on one. If that isn’t what is coming across, then I won’t press “publish”.

So why am I even writing this? If you are actually interested and read my posts, I want you to understand my sporadic posting schedule as of late and my mission to keep things real.  This writers block of mine is only temporary and I am working on pushing past it.

My wish for 2019 is to do more planning (a lot more planning) to help minimize these “blocks” and provide content that not only I can be proud of but what people really want to read.

So bare with me friends, I promise to get my act together and get back on track!


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