Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019

It was a year of highs and a year of lows, and now it is time to say goodbye to 2018 and usher in all the promises of good times and new beginnings that 2019 can bring us.

I have so many wants for the year ahead and am sure they aren’t much different than anyone else, but this year I am planning to tackle them in such a way that I avoid disappointment or give up at the first little set back. I will make small goals that add up to big goals and conquer them one by one. My list is not complete but it is a starting point and I can add to it as life moves along.

But for 2018, there are a number of things that I am determined to say good-bye to. Things that have prevented me from achieving the goals that I made last year at this time and the year before and the year before that.

I’m Saying Goodbye to:

  • 1. Doing things that just make others happy and not myself. Too often I have said yes to things but in the end it has hinder me, my life or my mindset.
  • 2. Making everyone/everything a priority over myself. If I don’t let myself come first once in a while, and take the time to do things for me and me alone, I will be no good for anyone.
  • 3. Focusing on the bad in the past and not looking towards the good and the future.
  • 4. Fearing the unknown and not embracing the “what could be”. Who knows, the “what ifs” could end up being the best thing to ever happen to me.
  • 5. Procrastinating. I need to stop putting things off and hoping for the motivation to do it another day. Do it now!
  • 6. FOMO. This really took a toll on me this year and I need to let it go. Just because others seem to have more, doesn’t mean they always do. I need to embrace what I have and make the best of it.
  • 7. Doing the same things over and over. If it hasn’t worked time and time again, it probably never with. Time to take the leap and do something new.
  • 8. Worrying what others think. Another one I have really struggled with, for years. And if social media has taught me anything, you’ll always have haters no matter what you do, so time to just live my life and no give 2 F*$%@ what others think. Those who truly support you, will continue to do so.

So goodbye to 2018, goodbye to the people, places and things that having been holding me back. I am sure next year at this time, I will still be a work in process and perfection will still be more than an arm’s length away. I am however, hopefully that I will be happy with the progress that I have made and the memories I have made along the way.


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