Getting St.Patrick’s Day Ready

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If I look back into my heritage, I know there is s little bit of Irish in there somewhere. So, of course that means I should always partake in St.Patrick’s Day festivities. Right?

And in doing so, I need to make sure my wardrobe has a few shamrocks and green in it for the day. Time for some DIY St. Patrick’s Day style by using my Cricut Maker.

That is one of things I love best about the Cricut Maker, is it’s ability to use so many more different types of materials than the older Cricut models could. Aside from cardstock and vinyl, it can also cut fabric, leather and even chipboard.

I decided why not start by using some Cricut faux leather to make some St. Patrick’s Day inspired earrings.

I’ve never been a jewellery maker but I decided to take a leap into something new. This project was pretty easy and didn’t take a lot of supplies to complete.

Supplies needed:

St Patrick's supplies

  1. 1. Cricut Maker
  2. 2. Cricut fine knife blade
  3. 3. Cricut faux leather in green and silver
  4. 4. Fish hook earring wires
  5. 5. 10 mm jump rings
  6. 6. Needle nose pliers.


Step 1

Using Cricut Design Space, I found a shamrock design that would work perfect for my earrings. I sized it to about 1 inch x 1 inch.

I then took a circle and placed it at both the top and bottom of the shamrock. This will cut the holes to use to connect them.

St Patrick's holes

After placing the holes and ensuring everything was in place, I selected the entire area and group and attach so they will cut together as one object.

I then duplicated the object so it will cut 2 each time.

St Patrick's earring

Step 2

Using a standard grip mat and Cricut Faux leather in green and cut out the 2 shamrock shapes.

Be sure to use a roller to ensure the material sticks to the mat.

St Patricks roll

Repeat the above step using the faux leather in silver.

Step 3

Using the jump rings through the tiny holes that were cut into the leather, attach them to the fish hook earring wires.  You can use the needle nose pliers to open and then close the rings.  Then use another ring and attach the green and silver shamrocks together.

Repeat for your second earring.

And there you have it, earrings ready for your St. Patrick’s day event.

I also made myself a St. Patrick’s Day inspired shirt complete with shamrocks using the tutorial available here on Cricut Design Space using  my Cricut Maker and Cricut EasyPress™ 2.    That is one thing I love about Design Space are all the great ideas for crafts and all the instructions you need to complete them.  It’s great for your own craft inspiration.  So head on over for your own Cricut inspired DIY St. Patrick’s Day decor.

So now I am ready to celebrate the luck of the Irish.  All I need now is my green beer.  


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