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Getting Back to Creative Play With Playmobil

Although items were provided to us by Playmobil, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

This past week, our social media blew up with talk of the Momo Challenge.  Whether or not it was a hoax, it definitely made me re-evaluate the quantity and the quality of screen time my son was having.  And surprisingly enough, he did as well.  It was the perfect opportunity for him to take a break from the screen and have some creative play time with his Playmobil.

I had been starting to think now that he’s pushing 11, that he was starting to move away from imaginative play with his toys but I happily surprised how much he enjoyed playing with the new sets that he received.

Playmobil setting up

Playmobil has launched four new themes this year for all kinds of imaginations to enjoy.

  1. 1.  The Mars Mission for the space lover
  2. 2.  The Police Tactical Unit for rescue missions here on earth
  3. 3.  The Shopping theme with a Grocery Shop and the Bike and Skate Shop
  4. 4.  The Pet Hotel for the animal lovers.

My son received 2 of the sets from the Pet Hotel themes and they were perfect for the animal lover that he is.

Playmobil small pets

Playmobile Cat sanctuary

What I love about the Playmobil sets is that although the kids get to put them together, they don’t take much time before they are able to use there imaginations and start creating stories in their head.  And there are so many different themes, every kid will surely find something that interests them.

Playmobil House

Each set really focuses on the details.  Whether it was the tiny little cat food cans or the colors of the hamsters, every little detail made them seem so realistic.

Playmobil hamsters

I was happy to see the boy spend several hours at a time just playing and telling me stories based on his animals and the people within his sets.  He even was able to convince to take him out to buy some additions to what he already had.  This was a pleasant change from the Fortnite and other video game stories he often tries to tell me as I just smile and nod as I have no clue what he is talking about.

Playmobil cats

A few days later, he wasn’t feeling well and I kept him home from school.  One of the first things he asked is if he could just lay on the floor and just play with his Playmobil sets.  I was happy to oblige.  The fact he didn’t want to just lay on the couch in front of a screen all day was music to my ears.  It was so nice to see him enjoying imaginative play.  He’s even added several other sets to his birthday wish list, so I don’t see him losing his interest anytime soon.

It’s been a nice change to have the TV screen off and engaging with him while he enjoys his Playmobil and I hope that his love of creative play never goes away.


One thought on “Getting Back to Creative Play With Playmobil

  1. I love playmobil. There’s so many sets. My son has the cat sanctuary too. I found the skateboarder and the dirtbiker for his birthday about a year ago because we wanted more human figures to act with and it opened up a huge world of playmobil.


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