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Mini Movie Makers with Stikbots

Disclosure:  Although Stikbots were provided to us, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

My child is your typical tween and totally obsessed with electronics and always wanting more screen time.  It’s the mindless, unproductive games that I have the most problem with.  But if he’s actually using his screen time for something educational or creative, I am a little more willing to let him use his electronics.  That is why I am a big fan of Stikbots.

Stikbots are poseable figures with suction cup hands and feet that you can stick to almost anything.  They come in an array of colors and can be used with the downloadable app on both iOs and Android to make your very own stop motion movies.

Stikbot character

Kids can use the figures to make their own movies anywhere they want or they can use the Stikbot Zanimation studio complete with green screen and tripod and incorporate some of the backdrops within the app to make their movies even more creative.

StikBot Zanimation Studio

In addition to the “human” characters, there are also pet/animal characters that the kids can incorporate into their story line.  My son was a big fan of having the animals available.  I really enjoyed watching him create his own videos and bringing his own creative style into them.

Stikbot posing

Stikbot in motion

stikbot gang

In addition to the backdrops, there are also sound effects and music that they can add to their movies.  Because they use the Stikbots in stop motion, it can definitely keep them busy for a long time.  If you child is like mine and wants to make a “real” movie, it will hold their attention for hours.

Stikbot backdrop

I loved watching him put together all the elements into his movies.  He’s often spoken about wanting to get into some sort of video game/video creative field when he grows up and this has really given him a glimpse into the work that even the most basic of videos take.  It’s been not only fun for him but a learning experience as well.

stikbot movie

It’s a perfect middle ground between parents and kids.  Parents get them away from mindless gaming but the kids get their desired screen time.  And with the app being free and all it takes is one individual character to get the kids started, it’s an inexpensive learning tool that is perfect for all the rainy days we’ve having lately when the kids are able to get outside.


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