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Ritzy Rollerz – Wheels with Bling

Disclaimer:  Although Ritzy Rollerz were provided to us to review, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

When I am asked review toys, the first thing I always do is ask my son if it is something he his interested in playing with. I tend to think I have a pretty good idea of the types of toys my son will like and what really isn’t his cup of tea. But this time, he proved me wrong.

He first saw Tomy’s Ritzy Rollerz at a preview event we had attended and was surprisingly drawn to them. What are Ritzy Rollerz?  They are basically toy cars that are in the shape of different animals that have charms to decorate their wheels.  Each Ritzy Roller comes with additional surprise  charms in their booty box (trunk).

Ritzy Rollers

Each of the characters come with a cute name like Groovy Gabi or Cheery Cherry.  Available at ToysRUs in Canada, you can buy individual Rollerz, a Besties 2 pack or a 4Ever Friends 4 pack.

Ritzy Rollers Individual

Ritzy Roller Besties

Ritzy Rollers Sprinklez on Wheelz

There are also playsets you can use with the cars and also have areas within them to hold all your extra charms.  For a Mom that doesn’t want to be constantly picking up the charms or getting them sucked up in the vacuum, this is a great feature for them to have.

Ritzy Roller Bootie

Rityz Roller storage

My son has always been an animal lover so the incorporation of the animal characters into the cars was definitely something that drew him to Ritzy Rollerz and having the collectible wheel charms was also something he enjoyed.  What this Mom enjoyed was listening to him making up stories and voices for each of his characters.  Even when he had a friend come over, they instantly started up a whole little story line and played with them for quite a long time.

Having toys that are video games or based on video games and just involving pure imaginative play was such a nice thing to see. And when I said earlier, I didn’t think it was something he would be excited about is because of as of late, he’s been very hooked on video games, anything based off video games and building bricks.  This was such a nice change of pace.


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