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Flexo Takes Brick Play To A Whole New Level

Although samples of Flexo were provided to us, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

We’ve had a lot of rainy days here lately and haven’t been able to enjoy the warmer weather as much as we’d like.  Rainy days can sometimes mean a lot of “I’m bored” comments if I kick the boy off screen time.

The boy has always been the creative type and loves to use his imagination with his brick building toys but now with Flexo, he can take that creativity to a whole new level.

Compatible with the bricks that he already has, Flexo, takes the rigidness away and gives you complete Flexo-bility.  These silicon bendable bricks and flexible tendons allows you make things you never thought were possible with your original bricks.  Instead of rigid square corners, your creations can bend, curve and curl.

Flexo playing

Currently available are their FreePlay series where you can use your imagination to create anything you can dream up, their Ocean Life series where you are able to bring a turtle, crab and other sea creatures to life and as well  as their foil packs where you can create keychains, bracelets, etc.

Flexo sets

I know in the past when the boy had asked me to play bricks with him in the past, I felt  limited a bit in my creativity.  Flexo allowed me the freedom to make all kinds of thing and let my imagination run while.

Flexo bracelet

I am not asking for any more rainy days, but I know that the boy won’t be giving me many “I’m bored” comments now that he has Flexo to keep him occupied for hours.


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