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5 Ways Your Kids are Learning While on Vacation

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School, unfortunately, cannot teach a kid everything. They are visual learners, where experience is the best source of education. When going on a family vacation, you may not have the intention of trying to improve your kid’s smarts. It is just a hidden plus that comes with traveling at a young age. Taking a trip to a new and unknown area creates many fun learning opportunities for your family. 

  1. Geography 

  2. Vacation globes

Geography is a subject that is often overlooked in school, that many students miss out on. But understanding locations, maps, or sense of direction is essential and incredibly useful in the “adult” world. 

When kids are exposed to different physical landforms or characteristics, it tends to stick in their mind. They can point out something unusual and figure out or relate to what it is. Traveling somewhere with peculiar features or completely unlike home, kids’ knowledge of geography broadens. 

Animals also play a role in this topic. Sure, going to the zoo can be an insightful experience, but seeing new creatures in their natural habitats can be breathtaking and exciting for children. You observe and witness real animals rather than look at pictures of them or listen to them in a story. 

  1. Culture

  2. Vacation culture

Growing up, you are usually only briefly introduced to the cultures of your family or maybe where you live. Taking a vacation where all aspects of life seem dramatically different to a kid can be eye-opening.  

Although mac and cheese and chicken fingers are quite divine to any child, even on vacation, trying an array of new types of food is essential.  Cuisine varies wherever you travel to, and there are usually delicious specialties in the area. For example, if you go to New Orleans and don’t try the famous beignets, did you really go to New Orleans?

Clothing and language may not have a drastic change wherever you go, but it is still present in many places. Your kids may see unfamiliar outfits where they can learn it is part of a particular culture. Street signs, menus, billboards, may all have phrases in a new language, where kids might be able to pick up or use pictures to help learn what they mean. 

  1. Sense of Adventure

Family vacations are often packed full with as many activities as possible. When you travel somewhere, you make the most of it, even out of the limited time you have. Kids like to follow their parents’ footsteps, so when they see you try something risky or audacious on vacation, they learn to partake. 

Life shouldn’t be lived passing up fantastic opportunities due to nerves or timidness. You may have heard the term “when in Rome,” and it can apply to this situation perfectly. If you are in the tropics, go snorkeling. If you are in the mountains, don’t be afraid to take the riskier trail. 

It is important to emphasize that there ARE boundaries, but kids quickly learn what it is like to get your knees a little dirty and have fun. They are more motivated to see what the world has to offer and explore the unseen. 


vacation cooperation

Not all families get along during trips. In fact, fighting can be a complete buzzkill. With the right amount of talking to, kids can learn to cooperate. If they cannot get along they may not be able to go to the place they have been looking forward towards the whole trip.

Vacations can be a time to collect themselves, and learn to ignore their instincts. The best way to enjoy a family getaway is graciously keeping it together, which can be eventually learned by a kid. 

Not all children can easily pick this up, but once they realize it, it can be much easier to roll with. Maybe you are fiddling with a map or squinting to read street signs because you have no idea where you are going and are desperately trying to hold it together. Cooperation can be as simple as keeping their mouths shut. 


We all know those people who grew up spoiled and completely ungrateful for everything. And no one wants to purposely raise a child to have those attributes. Vacations can be an escape from home where kids learn to take in and appreciate every moment. 

“You Only Live Once” is a cheesy phrase, but particularly popular with the younger generation. The meaning behind it is actually thoughtful and something kids can keep in mind on vacation. 

They may be watching a sunset with a spectacular view, and try to fathom how beautiful this is. Or they could catch of glimpse of a whale’s tail splashing up and crashing down while driving past the ocean and be full of joy and happiness because that may be they last time they ever witness that. 

Appreciation is a wonderful thing to learn at a young age, where the perfect place to discover it is on a trip with your family. 


Children learn through senses. They touch, feel, hear, smell and taste. Vacations offer awareness, curiosity, and education to play and experiment with all their senses. There is hidden knowledge learned by kids on each individual one. 

 Post written by Emma Johnson, Beaches Resorts.


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