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Putting some Zing into our Summer Fun

Disclosure:  Although items in this post were provided to us by Zing, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

A while back, I went to a local event and got the opportunity to try out axe throwing from a company in the area.  It was so much fun and have been dying to get back.  And of course, when I told the boy about it, he wanted to get in on the action as well.  When I told him he had to wait until he was 14, let’s just say he was less than impressed.

Truth be told, the thought of him wielding an axe is a  bit frightening.

So when Zing asked if he would like to give their kid-friendly alternative, Zax a try, I didn’t even need to ask the boy.  I knew it would be perfect for him.

Zing zax

The “axe” is 12 inches tall and made of soft foam so it’s not at all heavy and if the kids give it a throw in the house, it’s not going to break anything.  With suction cups on the end, it sticks to most flat surfaces like walls and windows.  Because it is so light, you don’t have to throw it too hard so even younger ones can enjoy it.  The boy has asked me to make him a bulls-eye so that we can challenge each other.

zing zax axe

Another item the boy has been enjoying is the Zing Hyperstrike bow and arrow set.

Zing HyperStrike

Again, the arrows are made with a soft foam, so it’s not going to hurt anyone.  And man, can they fly – up to 250 ft.  And when they are released, they make a whistling noise that makes them sound like they zooming through the air.  I even enjoyed giving it a try.  The boy went to camp a few weeks back and got to try out archery, so when he came back, he didn’t want to the put the set down.  Again, I was asked to put together some sort  bulls-eye for him.  I guess I best get on that.

Zing toys

So after I get that bulls-eye made, I’m going to sit on my newly made over patio and enjoy the rest of this summer like weather and watch the boy doing the same trying to hit that red center.

Available at Target in the US and ToysRUs, Mastermind and Indigo in Canada, these are some great toys to get the kids outside and having fun.


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