Cricut Gift Guide For The Crafty Mom

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Are you a crafty Mom or a crafty Mom wannabe? If you answered yes to either of these, this is the gift guide you want to forward to your spouse or partner or kids with all the best that Cricut has to offer for your crafting dreams.

And if you don’t want to wait for someone else to buy them for you, it’s the perfect time to buy them for yourself and put them to good use by making holiday gifts with that personal touch.

I’ve already completed a new holiday project this year to add to the ones I have done in the past but still have a couple items that I want to try before it’s too late.  There are also a few items on this list that I will be sure to ask Santa for myself.

For the crafty Mom’s out there, I am sure a lot of these items are already on your wish list but for those Mom’s that want to be crafty but not sure where to start this list has my top 10 items you’ll want and need to help get from wanna-be crafter to full fledged crafter in no time!

Spouses/partners/gift givers reading this… is all you need to buy to have a happy crafter in your life! I’ve split this into two different groups – Main gifts and stocking stuffers to make things a little easier.


These are the bigger ticket items but in my opinion, every crafters “must-haves”.

The Cricut Maker

cricut maker gift guide

If you read my most recent Cricut related post, you will know that I absolutely love this machine and no Cricut gift guide would be complete without including this machine.  It has so many ways that it can be used.  It can cut paper, leather, fabric, chipboard and so much more.  This machine is the starting point for all your crafting dreams.

EasyPress 2

easypress gift guide

If you’re planning to use your Cricut for any sort of iron-on crafts, the EasyPress 2 is the perfect add-on to your Cricut Maker.  Instead of using your iron, the EasyPress 2 takes the guess work out of ensuring your iron-on materials stay put.  With the online Heat Guide, you just need to choose your base material and your heat-transfer material and it provides you with the timing and the temperature for the perfect heat transfer.  The EasyPress 2 comes in 3 sizes (6×7, 9×9 and 12×10) as well as the latest product, the EasyPress Mini, so there is a perfect size for all your needs.

Cricut Access

Cricut access gift guide

Now that you have the Cricut Maker and the EasyPress 2 to start crafting, having Cricut Access will allow you to do so much more.  With this subscription package, you’ll get access to over 400 fonts, over 100,000 images plus discounts on your purchases.  I’ve tried crafting with and without having Cricut Access and let me tell you, with Cricut Access you will feel like your crafting possibilities are endless.



If there is one thing on this gift guide that I am missing from my crafting arsenal, it’s this BrightPad.  Santa, if you’re reading this, I’ve been super good this year and would really like this.  The BrightPad is basically that, a pad that lights up to help you see the cutting lines so can weed your projects with ease.  It also is great for any tracing you would need to do.  As I am getting older, the fine lines and cuts are getting a bit harder to see, so having the BrightPad will make things so much easier.



This part of the gift guide are items that any crafter would love to have in their craft kits for whenever a project idea strikes.  For the wanna-be crafter, these are items that will help make things a little easier and let your creativity blossom.

Infusible Ink Markers

Earlier this year, Cricut introduce a new heat transfer type of product with Infusible Ink.  It is heat proof, flake proof and wash proof and with no seams or edges it’s completely smooth to the touch.  One of the neatest features/products of the Infusible Ink are these pens.  Using your regular copier paper, you can draw anything you like with these markers and using the EasyPress 2, you can heat transfer the image on to shirts, totes and even coasters.  I can’t wait to recruit the boy into using these to help make some personalized custom items for family member gifts.


EasyPress Mats

If you are going to invest in an EasyPress 2, you will also want to get yourself the corresponding EasyPress Mat.  This will protect your surfaces when using the EasyPress and helps  eliminate moisture and direct heat to your iron-on design.  If you’re like me and would rather use your crafting table than your ironing board for your heat transfer projects, this is definitely a must-have!

Machine Mats

Machine mats are one of the things in this gift guide that you can never have enough in your supplies.  These are what holds your cutting materials in place when you are using your Cricut Maker to cut.  They can get dirty and lose their grip if you’ve used them and can cause havoc in your projects if the material doesn’t stay put.  This particular set has three different strength of grips (Standard, Light and Strong) so that you always have the correct one on hand.


Essential Tool Set

Some of these items your crafter may already have but it is always good to have an extra on hand and this set also comes with the Scoring Stylus that is compatible with your Cricut Maker and perfect for many paper crafts.  I use all these tools with my projects and would be lost without them.


Sewing Kit

This is another item that Santa add to my list.  When I was working on my pillow case project recently, I could have used a few of these items.  And it’s also really good to have on hand for just everyday projects like repairing a hole in the boys clothes.  I can tell you that the Cricut Scissors are so nice and sharp and make cutting so much easier.  There is nothing worse than having dull scissors.


Everyday Iron-On™ Value Pack

If you’re like me, having lots of iron-on vinyl on hand is a must.  It’s great to have this ready for those last minute projects that come up.  I’ve had friends ask me to whip something up for them on a whim and having the vinyl ready to go has allowed me the opportunity to help them out.  There are different packs available, this one is just one that I know I would probably use the most.

So hopefully this guide gives you some ideas on what to buy for that crafty person in your life.  I know I would be a happy recipient of all of these items!


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