Breaking the Stigma with K-Y

Disclaimer: I have partnered with YMC and K-Y for this post. All opinions are my own.  

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, dating into your 40’s sucks.  With dating apps being the norm these days, it’s kind of like that box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get. And, if you finally find someone that you connect with and start dating, it starts a whole new set of issues.   

 Not only is the whole dating and connecting part different than it was in my twenties but taking a relationship to the next level of intimacy is completely different too.  My body and all its parts operate very differently than they did now that I am in my late 40’s. 

 I feel like I am being so vague and skirting the issue here and there’s no reason I should be afraid or ashamed to talk about the changes my body is going through or anything of a sexual nature at all but it’s just not the norm.  Women don’t tend to talk about anything about things like that.  It’s rare for women to talk about entering into menopause aside from perhaps the hot flashes they experience.  With men, everyone knows the ongoing joke that if a man starts having issues with his sexual performance as he ages, he just popped a little pill and everything’s okay 

 Why should a woman be ashamed or embarrassed about what is just natural? Women should be empowered and be able to take control of their own sex life and always and not be ashamed of it.   

 I know I have always been reluctant to talk about anything relating to being a woman and being a sexual being. In the past there have been times where I have even cancelled dates knowing I have my period because if there was any hint that the date could get remotely intimate, that last thing I wanted to do is have to explain any reluctance I had about things moving forward. It’s a natural, monthly occurrence that every man knows but it’s the last thing I’d ever want to bring up in a conversation.   

 And now that I am in my late 40s, and things are changing with my body because of early stages a menopause there are even things that could interfere with an enjoyable sexual experience. 

  There’s absolutely no reason a woman cannot be able to have an open conversation with the person that she’s dating about her needs when getting intimate.  We are supposed to be in the prime of our lives and full-grown adults; we should be able to ensure we are enjoying our sex lives.    

 One issue that can take the pleasure out of a sexual experience is not being properly lubricated.  There, I said it and I shouldn’t be ashamed to say it.  Did you know that two-thirds of the Month women are not optimally lubricated for sex?  That’s something that I did not know and as women, we shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about it and do something to fix it. 

  To help us, K-Y is encouraging Canadian women to take control of their bodies and take control of their sex life by putting pleasure and comfort at the front of the line and breaking the stigma of the embarrassment and empowering us to take charge of our bodies and enjoying sex on our terms. 

K-Y Purse

 I’m sure you’ve heard of K-Y before, it’s the #1 Doctor recommended lubricant brand, but did you know that K-Y has a full line a personal lubricant that a woman can use so that she is able to enjoy sex just as much as a man does? 

In addition to their K-Y®  Jelly Personal Lubricant, they also have the K-Y® Warming Jelly Personal Lubricant, K-Y® Naturals® Intimate Gel Extra Moisture+ and K-Y® Sensual Silk® Personal Lubricant. So, there is something for every woman out there to enjoy.   

K-Y bed

 The last thing a woman wants is to be in a position where she’s uncomfortable and not enjoying her sexual encounters. It’s a two-way street both the man and the woman should be able to enjoy and if that means that you have to use something as such as lubricant to enhance pleasure then so be it and a woman should not feel embarrassed to say that this is what she needs she is with him.   

  There’s so much talk on social media these days about body positivity and women being able to express themselves in any way they want so this is no different.  Our bodies are forever changing and so are the needs of our bodies. My needs have changed dramatically from my twenties, they changed after I had my son and have changed even more since I’ve started showing signs of the early stages of menopause.  Yes, I’ve never been comfortable to talk about it until now.   You don’t hear men being embarrassed to talk about their sexuality and the things that they want and they need so why should women be?   

 Let’s break the stigma attached to talking about our wants and needs when it comes to our sex lives and live our best lives in all aspects. 

 And while we are embracing our best lives, and enjoying the pleasure we deserve, you can enter to win 1 of 4 $1000 Spa Gift Cards from K-Y for even more enjoyment. 


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by K-Y. In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of compensation and products. All opinions on this blog are my own. 


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