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Fitness Friday – Staying Strong during the season of gluttony


As much as I love summer, I have to say I do really love the fall as well.  Truth be told, I just hate winter and love all the other seasons.  But as much as I love the fall, to me it is the season of gluttony.  Before the kids are even back into school the stores are full of Halloween and Thanksgiving paraphernalia.

The worst for me are those “bite size” chocolate bars.  They sit there and they tempt me like no tomorrow.  I try to reach for just 1 and then try to convince myself that a regular chocolate bar is the equivalent of 3 of the minis.  So 1 turns into 2 that turns into 6.  And then I am beating myself up for eating the first one that started this whole mess.  😦


And I swear as soon as the clock strikes midnight and it becomes September 1st, everything and I mean EVERYTHING turns into pumpkin.  Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice candles, and so and so on.  The other day I was on Facebook and I thought I had seen it all.  It was a picture of Charmin pumpkin spice toilet paper.  At that point, I was done!!!!  But luckily it was just a hoax.  It was so realistic that Charmin even acknowledged it on Twitter.   Unlike my weakness to the mini chocolate bars, I have been fairly strong with the temptation of the pumpkin.  So far, I have only had a pumpkin muffin.  It was tasty but as soon as I realized it was over 450 calories, that was the last of that.


With this weekend being Thanksgiving here in Canada, it’s yet another chance for the gluttony to prevail.   I love the turkey, the dressing, the mashed potatoes but I am going to have to have it all in moderation.  As it is, I have been eating terribly for the past few weeks and my body is complaining about it.  It’s a real eye opener to me that my body has actually gotten used to me eating healthier and letting me know when I don’t.

So this week I have been eating much healthier, getting back on track and my body is starting to forgive me.  Getting to the gym this week has been difficult due to other commitments but I am still managing to get my 10,000 steps in each day.  That has been somewhat of my saving grace.  I am hoping to step my exercise game up this next week and get the whole package back on track.

What is your game plan to keep things under control during the season of gluttony?


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Fitness Friday – Finally some progress!


I don’t know about you, but I have been dreading the thought of summer being over.  We’ve had such a nice, mostly sunny summer and I just don’t want it to end.  In addition to the lovely, warm weather, in the summer you can wear those nice flowy dresses.  They keep you cool through those hot, steamy days.  But even better, they are so forgiving if you are up a few pounds from over indulging at the plethora of bbq’s and patio parties that go along with a great summer.  Come fall and winter, I tend to skip the dresses and revert to the warmth that pants and jeans can provide.  But they are not so forgiving.  One day, they can fit perfectly and a burger and fries later and I can feel like I am a stuffed sausage.  And that is just not a comfortable feeling.

So this week, when the temperatures were a bit cooler I knew it was time to dig out the pants.  I was dreading it, to say the least.  But man oh man, was I surprised.  The pair of pants that used to fit me on a good day, but definitely weren’t buffet eating pants, were actually big on me.  It felt amazing.


For weeks now I have been really struggling.  I haven’t seen much movement on the scale and I definitely had not been as committed to working out and eating right as I had been earlier this summer.  It was such a great feeling to know that I was making progress.  It has definitely given me motivation to keep going and work even harder.  I really pushed myself when I was able to get to the gym this week and I continue to ensure I get my 10K steps in every single day.

new outlook

Life over the past few weeks has been crazy busy and I haven’t been able to devote as much time to my posts as I would like.  Luckily, the madness is pretty much over and I can get back on track in all the different facets of my life.  Can’t wait to see all the progress that comes along with it!


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Fitness Friday – Who wants to join me?


Another crazy busy work week but I really tried not to let it get the best of me.  Got the boy back to school so check 1 thing off on the list of getting back into our normal routine.  Now I just need to get work under control.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel and things should hopefully be a little more normal next week.  If there really is such a thing as normal in my life.  🙂

I have been really thinking about my fitness journey and thinking the one thing I am lacking is constant accountability.  Sure, I write these posts each week and a few Instagram pics but that is about it.  So it got me to thinking that perhaps I would start a Facebook group where people on similar fitness journeys could be accountable to each other and share our ups, downs, tips and tricks.  It wouldn’t matter what diet or exercise plan you are on, it would just be about like minded individuals getting together and counting on each other for support and a place to celebrate our achievements.  Anybody interested?    If you would like to be a part of this, message me and I will add you to the group once I get it set up.


Going to keep this week’s post short and sweet and promise for a much better update next week.  With the hopes of a calmer week, I will be able to devote more time to my post and to my journey so I have something to report on.  Thanks everyone for your continued support and kind words.

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Fitness Friday – A new outlook to end the funk!


I have to admit, it’s been an absolutely CRAZY week and I wasn’t even sure if I was going to get a post out this week.  However, I knew that not posting would make me feel like I was letting my funk get the best of me again.  Besides, I have a new outlook on my fitness journey and now better time than the present to move forward and start working towards the end goal.

In last week’s post, I talked about how I was in a funk.  I am not going to lie, that funk is lingering much longer than I had hope it is on it’s way out.  Last weekend, I was at a community event and a  friend that I  hadn’t seen much over the summer came up to me a gave me the nicest compliment.  She said that she had barely recognized me when she was walking up and I was looking great.  It was those words that made me feel like the work I had been putting in was amounting to something.  Maybe not a lot, but at least people were starting to notice.  It was those few words that lifted me up and pretty much out of my funk.

Like I said, it has been a crazy week.  At my work, it has been the busiest week of the year.  This week always is.  It definitely played havoc on my motivation to eat right and work out.  I knew this week would be this way so I haven’t been beating myself up about it.    As much as I hate to even think that summer is coming to a close, I will be glad to get my son back to school this next week and get back on my normal routine.  I never realized until now how much I was a creature of habit and the summer always throws me off.

I tried to start the weekend off right by hitting the gym.  Friday evening of a long weekend, the gym was pretty empty so it made me feel even better about myself being there.  Next step, whilst doing our back to school grocery shop, I am going to make healthy choices to start the school year off right and not give me any temptations in the cupboards for me.   I know that by the way I have been feeling the past week or two, my body is craving the healthy choices again.  I don’t want to let it down.

new outlook

So luckily, it only took a few kind words to give me the motivation to get out of my funk and with my normal routine soon to be back in my life, I can happily say that I am moving full steam ahead to reaching my fitness goals.

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Fitness Friday – I am in a funk and I need some help!


Maybe it’s because summer is almost over, and I am not happy about that.  Or maybe, I let myself get too lazy when on holidays, but I just can’t seem to get my butt back in gear.  Or maybe I am just not seeing the results I was hoping for,  but I seem to be in a total funk.  My motivation to go to the gym is pretty much zero and I’d much rather have a donut than a salad.   I am still tracking everything I eat and getting my 10,000 steps in every day but I just don’t seem to have the “want” anymore.

I have been here before and this is where everything goes terribly wrong and I completely fall off the wagon.   At least it is good that I am acknowledging it and not just ignoring it.

In a Funk

With winter coming,  I am getting a bit nervous as I tend to fall into hibernation mode and pack on the pounds over the long Canadian winter.  Let’s get real, aside from a bit of skiing and tobogganing, who really wants to go out in this????

Snow winter

The answer is NOT me!!

So as my title says, I need some help.  Maybe some new workout gear would help or trying something new at the gym would give me more motivation but not sure.  I have been trying to find a challenge or group that will help keep me accountable and get me out of this funk.  Anyone have any suggestions???  Your help would definitely be appreciated.

Until them, I am going to try and keep pushing through this funk!  Wish me luck!

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Fitness Friday – Working towards a goal


My goal for last week was enjoy my time off with my son and focus on spending our last few vacation days off the summer. Having fun and just enjoying our time together were top priority.  I wasn’t concerning myself with getting to the gym or counting calories.  I was taking a vacation and would deal with the scale when I returned.  And how could I not enjoy myself with views like this?


But sometimes that first day back after a nice week of vacation, I feel like I am being punished for ever taking said vacation. This past Monday was definitely one of those days.  Although, I got my eating back on track my body was still in relaxation mode and Monday evening I didn’t get want to get off the couch.  I got my 10K steps in and called it a day.   However, now,  I need to focus on having a goal in mind and getting back on track to reaching that goal.

I am not focusing this journey on reaching a certain weight.  I feel like a goal like that can set me up for failure and disappointment.  Perhaps my body is just not meant to be 120lbs and I am fine with that.  I just want to be fit and feel comfortable in my own skin regardless of what the numbers on the scale say.  But that being said, I still will use the scale as a guide and some motivation but I won’t get it be the be all and end all.


Instead, I am setting small attainable goals that can hopefully be achieved in small time frames.  If I can reach the first goal, it will give me the motivation to try for the next bigger goal.  My first goal is to hopefully run the 10K Terry Fox run coming up in September.  I am planning to do this run for 2 reasons.  First and foremost, the Canadian Cancer Society is a charity near and dear to my heart.  I have had not only my Mom affected by cancer but other family and friends as well.  And secondly, I take a bit of gulp when I even say 10K.  It seems like a tough goal to meet but unless I actually commit myself to doing something such as this, I will never push myself to get there.

So Tuesday, I decided to forge ahead full steam and start really training.  I knew I could handle a 5k, but now I need to focus on doing more.  I hit the gym running….literally.  And after being pretty much off the wagon for over a week, I am not going to lie, it was tough.  I actually enjoy running, it is like an escape for me but after a week of chips and cookies and all kind of goodness, I definitely felt it.  By 3km in, I was a sweaty gross mess.


I knew that there was NO way I would get close to 10km in, but at least it was a start.  I will keep pushing forward towards my goal (only a few weeks left) and hopefully come run day, I will be able to complete my goal and move on to the next one.

Wish me luck!

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Fitness Friday – It’s ok to enjoy vacation time


I have been enjoying another week off from work this week.  Since it is my last full week of vacation time this summer, I am doing my best to enjoy every minute of it.  And if that means not giving my fitness goals and diet 100% of my attention, I am ok with that.  It doesn’t mean that I am not cognizant of what I am eating and doing, but I am not letting it get in the way of enjoying what little time I have off.  I have committed to get right back on track come Monday morning, but until them I am in total vacation mode.

I had actually even thought about skipping my Fitness Friday posting this week as well, but I thought I better keep myself somewhat accountable and not go too crazy.  LOL

One thing I am doing as part of my vacation is doing some new “fitnessy” kind of things.  This past weekend, I ventured into the city to visit my BFF.  We hopped on bikes and made our way down to the waterfront beach area.  I never thought I would have the courage to ride a bike in the heart of the city but thankfully there were beautiful bike paths away from the crazy city traffic.


My bff had rented stand up paddle boards for us to use that afternoon.  She had taken a lesson before and told me she would just show me how it was done.  Truth be told, I was a little worried about not taking a formal lesson but trusted her instinct.  I was so glad I did.  I was up on the board first try.   It was so much fun and I didn’t end up in the lake once.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone and want to do it again soon.

Paddle Board

Mary and I

The next day we decided to continue the outdoorsy theme and headed to a local conservation area/ski hill to do some hiking.  The scenery was gorgeous.  It was quite hot so we didn’t venture too far up the hills but still got a good long hike in.  Afterwards we splashed in the lake for a bit to cool off.

Ski hill2We’ve been under a bit of a heat wave the rest of the week so I was more than happy to sit on the deck along side a friend’s pool and just enjoy the remaining days of my vacation.    We’re heading up to cottage country this weekend and of course after an almost drought like summer, it is supposed to pour rain ALL weekend.  It’s ok, my son and I can fish off the dock in the rain and as long as it doesn’t thunder and lightning, I am sure my son will be wanting to swim in the lake anyways.

I am not going to feel guilty about not going to the gym this week at all, I am not even going to post my accountability like I normally do.  Only thing I will account for is I have continued to ensure I get a minimum of my 10K steps in each day.  I don’t believe that one should feel forced into going to the gym or watching their diet every single second and enjoying a cheat day every one in a while.  It’s only going to make someone hate it and not get back on track as soon as they have a bad day.  I treat it like a lifestyle instead of a diet and every lifestyle gets a vacation everyone in a while.

Enjoy your week and Monday……back on track!!!



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Fitness Friday – Current Favorites


Since I started my Fitness Friday posts, I’ve had a couple of people ask me about where I got my tights or my favorite shoes, etc so I thought today I would share a few of my favorites in relation to my fitness journey.  This is not a sponsored post nor are their any affiliate links, this is just my 2 cents!

Favorite Workout Gear:

Being a single Mom on a very, very tight budget, I don’t tend to have the means to spend a lot of $$ on my workout gear so when I find something that works for me, I tend to stay pretty faithful to it.  Not that I not open to try new things, I just tend to be a bit of a creature of habit.  Also, nothing worse than spending money on something I never end up using.


My #1 go to for tanks, tights and sports bra has to be Old Navy.  I love the feel of their compression tights.  They keep everything nice and tight and no jiggling.   Their maximum support sports bra is best one that I have found so far.  I am sorry for my crassness but there is nothing worse than trying to work out and the girls bouncing out of control.  If they aren’t under control, my workout is a complete fail.  I end up being more worried about what others are seeing and thinking then concentrating on actually working out.

All me

I have been unfortunately blessed with very flat feet and a bit of sciatic issue so I need decent shoes on my feet or by bedtime I am paying for it.  Summer flip flops (as much I love and live in them) are probably my arch nemesis.   Through the years, I have always seemed to have good luck with Saucony.  They seem to fit my feet nicely and at the end of the day, my feet aren’t aching.  I love the hot pink laces in my latest pair.

Other Gear:

Currently, I have the FitBit Charge HR.   Any one who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with my FitBit.    In my mind if I am not wearing my FitBit when I am exercising, the exercise never happened.  I love to be able to look at my app at the end of the day and see what I was able to accomplish.  Right now I am on a 33 day streak with 10K steps in a day and not looking to break it.

 Favorite Fitness/Weightloss bloggers:

We’re all on our own journey, and everybody goes about it a different way.  Finding others that you can relate to on their own journey can be very motivating.  I have found 2 out there, that although their goals and achievements are very different than mine, they aren’t too proud to share when they have had a bad day, week, month and that they struggle just like I do.  There have been days when the last thing I want to do is eat healthy or go to the gym and then I see something that they have posted and it gives me that extra kick in the butt.  If you are looking for some inspiration, check out these lovely ladies!!

  1.  Get Down with Dani – Weightloss Journey  – Dani has lost over 150lbs and is sharing hows she plans to lose another 50.  She always seems so genuine in her posts and has definitely had her ups and down.   She definitely has inspired me to keep with my journey going.  It may be a slow road but it will be worth it in the end.
  2. Trading Cardio for Cosmos – Alexis has lost over a 100lbs and has such a great personality.  It is her “Never Miss a Monday” mantra that I have adopted with my workouts.

Favorite Food:

This is absolutely where I struggle the most and have the worst time staying on track.  I love a good burger and sweets are definitely my weakness. Slowly but surely, I am finding alternates to curb my hunger when needed.  Right now, I would have to say my top “healthy” foods would have to be:

  1.  Green Smoothies (spinach/kale with a ton of fruit) – great way to start my morning
  2. Greek yogurt with trail mix – another morning favorite
  3. Farm Boy detox salad  (I could eat this every day!)


Weekly Accountability

Exercise:  2 x gym visits, 1 x 45 minute walk, 2 x 30 minute walk
Food Management:  Stayed on track 6 of the 7 days (Again, a few bad choices but overall, not too bad)


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Fitness Friday – Fitting in Fitness


This past week I have been visiting my family out of town. I am sure you can all relate when I say that vacations and fitness often do not go hand in hand. Finding the time and motivation to stay on track when you are not on your normal routine can often be difficult. For me, on a regular week there are times it is hard to stay on track, so when away it can be even harder.

This week, I tried to focus on fitting in fitness in smaller units. Instead of an hour workout, I tried several 10 minute increments. Whether it was running up and down the stairs or walking places instead of driving or a few squats here and there, I was consciously trying to get exercise in when I could. Even when I took my son to the local pool, I made sure I was doing a few laps or running on the spot in the water while he played. A little bit adds up when you consciously think about it.  Luckily, I was also able to fit in an Aquafit class there as well.  I also have to thank Pokemon Go this week as we did quite a bit of walking around town trying to  “catch them all.”

Food, however, wasn’t the easiest to keep on track.  I was on vacation, so of course I was tempted on a daily basis to indulge.  Thank goodness for the MyFitnessPal app for keeping me pretty much on track.  Recording everything I was consuming made it much easier to realize when it was time to pull back to reigns and snack on some veggies sticks instead.

While away, I probably spent 90% of my time in my bathing suit and for the first time since I can remember, I didn’t feel like I needed to cover up.  I was perfectly fine walking around without throwing something over my suit.  I am finally starting to feel comfortable in my own skin.  Sure I still have a bunch of weight to lose and my legs have way more cellulite than I would like but such is life.  It was even to the point that I was comfortable enough to ask my Mom to actually take a photo of me in my bathing suit.  And, I wasn’t even horrified with the result.  I was actually quite ok with it.


Getting back into my normal routine after vacation is never easy but this time I am more determined than ever to stick with this health/fitness kick.  Back to healthier eating and back to the gym for me.  Wish me luck.

Weekly Accountability

Exercise:  2 x gym visits, 1 x 45 minute walk, 1x Aquafit class
Food Management:  Stayed on track 5 of the 7 days (Not always the best choices but will do better this week)

This is also the final week the Team #fabFITbloggers are a part of the Kindness in Demand July fitness challenge.  I am excited to see how we stacked up!!!


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Fitness Friday – Don’t trust the scale


Anyone who has ever been on a fitness journey will probably agree the scale is not always your friend.  In my case, a lot of times, it is not my friend at all.  I will work so hard and at the end of the week, barely any movement.  It definitely can be discouraging.

Only in the past year or so I have begun to only use the scale as a reference point and not something to base my motivation on.   I try to base my success on how my clothes feel and comments from other people.  In the past week alone, I have had several people comment on me losing weight.  However, I step on the scale and it has barely moved.


I know there is the age old statement of “muscle weighs more than fat”.  By no means am I any sort of fitness expert, but a 1lb of fat weighs the same as a 1lb of muscle.  They both weigh 1lb.  From what I understand is that muscle is leaner than fat, so a 1lb of muscle takes up less space than a 1lb of fat.    Therefore, if you lose  1lb of fat but gain 1lb of muscle, the scale will not show a loss of any sort but your body will have changed.

It’s all just a numbers game.  Not one I am happy to play.

Nothing feels better than putting on something that use to be tight fitting only to find it lose on you.  To me, that is more motivating and rewarding than anything else.  Being able to wear a size smaller feels so much better than saying you lost 5lbs.  It is something real, something tangible.


I have been faithfully tracking my food and exercise but now I think I really should be tracking my measurements.  Maybe I am totally missing it, but I can’t seem to find somewhere to track it on the Fitbit or MyFitnessPal apps.  However, I have just found I can track it on my PC via the MyFitnessPal website.  (If anyone knows how to on either app, please let me know.)  I look forward to seeing these results.

Tape measure

This next week I am taking a much needed vacation from work.  Pretty much a stay-cation but being out of my normal 9-5 routine, I am sure staying on track will have it’s challenges.  I am pledging to try and make good choices with my food.  As for exercise, we downloaded PokemonGO when it finally became available in Canada, so I am sure we will be taking a lot of long walks to catch some Pokemon.

Weekly Accountability

Exercise:  4x gym visits, 2 x 20 minute walk
Food Management:  Stayed on track 5 of the 7 days (Sunday was definitely a cheat day and the calories in 3 slices of pizza sure add up)

Don’t forget to keep cheering on Team #fabFITbloggers!!!