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Lately it seems like I am constantly reading posts from fellow bloggers about how this world has brought them to tears and it breaks my heart.  We are worried about the world that we are having to bring our children up in and what the future holds for them.  Thankfully there are people like Bethanie from The Garcia Diaries, Rah of Wire and Honey and Mandy of The Blue Evelope in this world, that want to make it a better place.  They have come up with the #ProjectStandForLove initiative that I was more that happy to promote and take part in.


In their words …“All you have to do is write a sweet note, deliver it to a friend/neighbor/stranger, and share the act on social media with the hashtag #projectstandforlove! By following these simple steps, you are SPREADING KINDNESS AND LOVE! It’s so easy and it’s life changing!

Yesterday, my son and I decide to try and make our little bit of difference in the world.  We decided that we wanted to show our local firefighters how much we appreciate them putting their lives on the line day in and day out for us.  We decided to bring them some cookies that we could enjoy on their down time.  We arrived at the firehouse and the firefighter that greeted us seemed genuinely shocked and grateful for our little delivery.  To my son’s delight, we were invited in to see the firetrucks.  We were just stepping into the garage when the bells starting ringing that they had a call to go on.  The firefighter was so apologetic that they had to leave and invited us back for another visit anytime.  I am not sure what was more exciting for my son, seeing the fire truck or being there when they actually got a call to go out to!  We hope the firefighters all returned safely from their call.


Remember, it doesn’t take a lot to show a friend, a neighbor or a complete stranger that there is kindness and love in the world.  If you would like to do your part, print out this note, add your own words of kindness and perform an act of kindness!  It’s that easy to help change the world!

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Live, Laugh, Love

Untitled design (1)Louis Armstrong crooned “And I think to myself, what a wonderful world”.

Sadly, at times like this, I do not think it is so wonderful.

After spending a large majority of my weekend enjoying life and somewhat oblivious to things going on in the world, I came home to turn on the news to update after update of tragedy and hate.  Regardless if this horrific tragedy was based on hated of peoples sexual orientation or based on hatred for a race/population of people, it was base on hate.  This shooter felt such hatred that these people were so different from him that he felt it was okay to end their innocent lives.  There was no tolerance, there was no acceptance, there was nothing but pure hate.

Prior to this, last week it seemed like every time I looked at social media, I was bombarded with report after report of the horrific acts of a male who seemed to blame everyone but himself for forever changing the life of an innocent young women.  He was upset that he perceived his “20 minutes” of wrongdoing should not ruin the rest of his life. Seriously?  Did he ever think about how that “20 minutes” would forever change the life of that young woman?  I read an article about how he blamed his “poor decisions” on alcohol and the college drinking culture.  I am completely sickened.  If this person can’t take ownership of brutally raping an unconscious young woman, then what else is he going to do in the future and blame everyone but himself?  He feels that 6 months in jail is too much punishment?  This poor girl is going to relive the horror for the rest of her life.

Where am I going with this?  I wish I wasn’t going anywhere.  I am wishing that people in this world wouldn’t think that their lives are so much more important and that their beliefs were so much more important than everyone else.  I wish people would stop thinking that they can hurt others and not face any sort of consequences.  I wish people would take ownership of wrongdoings and instead of placing blame on others, fix the problems.  I wish people would accept, tolerate, and support others differences.  I wish that my son and all other children weren’t being brought up in a world like this.   I wish we didn’t have to teach them “tolerance” and “acceptance”, it should just be a given!

What I wish for is everyone to live by 3 easy words:  Live, Laugh, Love

I have had a decal on the wall of my home for many years with that exact phrase.  My son once asked me what it meant.  My explanation to him was:

Live: This is your life, no one else can live it for you, so you need to make the best of what you have and not dwell on what you don’t have.

Laugh:  You only get one life, so laugh as much as you can.  Laugh at even the small stuff.   Happiness is what makes life great.  Try not to let sadness and upset take over your life.

Love:  Regardless of what material things you have in life, nothing will ever amount to what Love can give you.  Love long,  love hard,  love often.

Your definition of each of these words may be different than mine but if everyone lived by them, the world would be a much better place.