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Weird But True! Facts to Amaze Your Friends

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Throughout my life, I have always had this affinity for weird but true facts.  It’s often been useful when playing trivia games.  On more than one occasion I’ve had people ask me why I even knew those facts, so when Moms Meet asked if I was interested in reviewing some of the National Geographic Kids Weird But True! books with my son, there was no hesitation.

It is the 10th Anniversary of the original Weird But True! series and there are 10 volumes of the series available to share with your family.  In addition to the main series, there are also specialty themed Weird But True! books.  We received the Weird But True! Canada and the Weird But True! Christmas editions of the books.  It has been a while since my son and I have sat together and enjoyed reading a book together.  Normally he wants to read on his own.

Weird But True books

Being so close to the holidays, the boy decided he wanted to read the Weird But True! Christmas edition and learn some facts that he could share with his friends.  One of his favorite holidays facts was a 10-year-old girl (same age as he is) recorded the hit song “I want a Hippopotamus For Christmas” (our favorite Christmas song).  She got one (but donated it to a zoo).

As a true Canadian, I am always interested in learning facts about my country, so I grabbed the Weird But True! Canada edition first.  Did you know that Hawaiian pizza (a pie topped with ham and pineapple) was invented in Chatham, ON?  I grew up not far from Chatham and had no idea.  Another very interesting fact in the book says that it is illegal to climb trees in Oshawa, ON.  When my son heard that fact, his eyes grew very wide and asked “Mommy, does that mean I am going to go to jail?  I’ve climbed a few trees in Oshawa?”  I couldn’t stop laughing and reassured him, he was fine.

Several times now I have found the boy curled up on the couch enjoying these books which is amazing because getting him to read can sometimes be a bit of a struggle.  Anything that gets him happily reading is definitely a winner to me.  And if your looking for some age appropriate and useful content for your kids to enjoy on YouTube, the National Geographic kids channel has a ton of great content.

Weird but true reading

So with the holidays just mere days away, if you are still looking for some great gift ideas that you can enjoy as a family or that will get your child enjoying reading, I would definitely stock up on some Weird But True! fact books.

If your Canadian kids (ages 6-14) have a verifiable weird fact about Canada, their hometown or province, submit it to by March 1, 2019 to win some Weird But True! books of your own.


KidzShakes Ends The Breakfast Battle

Disclosure:  Although items in this post were provided to me, all comments and opinions are strictly mine.

A lot of parents complain about making lunches each day for their children for school. I don’t find lunches much of a problem, breakfast is the hardest for me. Getting up and my son out the door in time for school is hard enough without fighting to get something in his belly to start his day. My son does like smoothies, so when I was asked to try Kidzshake, I was somewhat hopeful.

What is KidzShake?

KidzShake is a nutritional shake that was developed by a doctor (with kids of her own) specifically for kids, not just kid version of an adult drink. These shakes contain ingredients that growing bodies need, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, 17 essential minerals and vitamins, probiotics, and is GMO Free, gluten free, soy free, nut free, corn free.  And the best part, they actually taste really good.  I tried them myself.

Breakfast Line of Kidzshake

My son was instantly impressed.  We tried both the chocolate and vanilla flavors and tried each flavor by adding milk and then by adding only water.  His favorite was the vanilla with milk.  It almost tasted like a vanilla milkshake.  We then added some ice and tossed it all in the blender and then they definitely tasted like a milkshake.  Having a milkshake for breakfast that was actually good for you was a real bonus for my son.

Breakfast KidzShake

We also tried using KidzShake as a base for smoothies by adding fruit and veggies to them and adding even more nutrition to them. Aside from the chocolate and vanilla flavors, there are strawberry and orange cream as well.  My son has requested we get the orange cream flavor next time.  With 4 flavors as a base and so many ways you can add to these shakes, we will never get bored of having them.

Breakfast Jack

My son is always wanting popsicles and freezies, so I think I may just have to use this to make a healthy version and not have to worry about all the sugar that can be found in other versions.

At least now in the morning I am not dreading trying to get him to put something in his stomach that is not only good for him but something that he will enjoy.

You can learn more about Kidzshake on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest pages.


Fall to Sleep with a MediFlow Waterbase Pillow

Disclosure:  Although items in the post were provided to me, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

I am the worst sleeper ever.  It takes me forever to fall asleep, I toss and turn constantly, I am always having to adjust my pillow and am either too hot or too cold.  And if there is a bit of noise, I am instantly awake.

Over the years, I have tried everything to help me sleep better, even medications.  Sadly, I find that most of those make me more wired than anything else.  So when I was asked to try the MediFlow Floating Comfort Waterbase Pillow, I have to say I was pretty skeptical but was definitely curious about the concept of having a water based pillow.

Pillow in Package

Now this is going to age me, but I remember as a kid, sleeping over a friends in their waterbed (yup, remember those?) and finding those some of the best sleeps I would have.  So knowing this, I was anxious to see how the pillow worked for me.

The pillow has 3 layers to it, on top, there is a layer of soft CombedLoft™ Fiber, than a thermal insulator that surrounds the water layer and then of course, the water layer.  The pillow arrives with the water layer empty and you fill it up to your desired firmness.   I like a fairly firm pillow so I had to try it out each night and added water accordingly.

Pillow water valve

I normally use 2 pillows (and even 3 if I have a cold and my sinuses are blocked up) but I decided to try the pillow on it’s own.  Having the support of the water layer for my neck, I didn’t feel like I need an extra pillow at all.  I can say that I have seen an improvement in my sleep with this pillow and more than anything else, I have found that my neck isn’t as still in the morning as it has been in the past.  Also, I find it keep my head at a comfortable temperature.  I often will flip my pillows in the night because me head gets too hot.

Pillow Sleeping

If there is anything that I can say about this pillow that is a bit off, is that I haven’t mastered getting the air out of the water pocket as it is described in the instructions and the water does slosh around a bit when I move it.  It’s nothing that is very disruptive, just something that I notice and definitely doesn’t prevent me from using the pillow.

And of course, my son had to give it a try as well.  He tends to be a bit of a snorer when he has a stuffy nose and I found when he tried it (and just so happened to have a cold), he didn’t make that nasally snoring noise when he slept.  Something tells me, I am going to need to get another one of these pillows as someone is trying to take claim over it.


OxiClean vs The 9 year old boy

Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and OxiClean and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in the post are my own.

Gather round folks for the match up of the year. Oxiclean™ vs the rough and tumble 9 year old boy. Who will come out victorious in the OxiClean Challenge? Will the title go to the Outstanding Clean of OxiClean™ or will Dirt and Stains of the 9 Year old prevail?

Oxiclean vs 9 year old

Any parent with a 9 year old boy knows that keeping clothes clean can be one tough battle. With grease, grass stains, etc laundry can be a never ending job. With OxiClean, we are able to defeat dirt and stains and keep clothes clean.  And let this be a forewarning to all the new parents out there, as the kids get older, the stains keep coming and keeping clothes clean and wearable can be an ongoing battle.

Do I really want to have to be washing loads of my son’s laundry over and over again just to trying and constant flow of stains and dirt off of them?  Seriously, who has time for that? I want the clothes to come out clean the first time.  And the last thing I want to have to be doing is replacing his clothes over and over again because I can’t get the stains out and the clothes are now unwearable.  I am sorry, but that just isn’t in this Mom’s budget.

I think I lost count of the number of times I would be folding up the laundry that should now be clean, only to find one of my son’s grease stained shirts or grassed stained jeans had gone into the load without me attempting to pre-treat it and now finding it set in and probably never getting it out.   As if laundry isn’t time consuming enough, having to do it more than once to still have stains is completely frustrating.

Then I decided to take the Oxiclean Challenge hoping it would win the battle between the laundry and my son’s stained clothes.  Oxiclean has colour-safe products designed with stains in mind and is the #1 stain fighting brand in Canada.  The 9 year old can take the cleanest of clothes and turn them into a mess in no time so it was going to be quite a match up.

I picked up the opponents,  OxiClean™ MaxForce™ Foam pre-treater that can defeat the greasiest of stains with its foaming action the first time and OxiClean™ MaxForce™ Spray  that has 5 different stain fighters for those dried in stains at my local Real Canadian SuperStore and let the challenge begin.  I applied the cleaners as per the directions for the stains and let the battle begin.

It only took 1 round and Oxiclean was the obvious winner – a knock out punch!  It had easily defeated the tough, ground in stains of the 9 year old.  It was no contest.  The clothes were clean and looking as good as new.  Oxiclean was clearly victorious!!  The 9 year old was no match for the mighty stain fighter.

Oxiclean winner

Gone now are the days of fighting the stains of the 9 year old and hello to clean laundry the first time thanks to Oxiclean.

Want to have your own Oxiclean Challenge with a chance to win a weekly prize of OxiClean stain fighter  or a grand prize of a laundry room makeover by HGTV’s Sarah Baeumler?  Start your challenge below.
OxiClean Challenge Giveaway

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Sticky Brick Tape, a Lego lovers dream

Disclosure:  Although items in this post were provided to me, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

A few months ago social media seemed to be a flutter with all kinds of posts talking about the latest and greatest in the Lego world -that being flexible Lego compatible strips that could be attached almost anywhere.  My little Lego lover informed me almost immediately he HAD to have this and I have to admit,  Sticky Brick Tape is probably one of the coolest things that I have seen in the toy world in the longest time.

The tape comes in 1 metre ( just over 3 feet) lengths and is 2 Lego dots wide.  The Sticky Brick Tape versions come in 4 different colors – grey, red, green and blue.  The material is quite flexible and can be cut to whatever length that you want to use which means the different ways to use it are limitless.  The tape portion it quite strong and will hold on well to whatever surface you choose.

My son and I have so many ideas of what we could use this for.  We decided we would start by using it to attach some of his minifigures to his Lego storage unit so he could display them.   We weren’t sure if we wanted to do one long strip or individual blocks, so we started with a smaller 2×2 block.

After attaching it to our storage unit, he was able to attach one of his minifigures to display.

The figure attached very easily and has a strong hold like regular Lego so I am not worrying about them falling off.  We decided we would add longer strips on the side of the container and then be able to add multiple figures randomly along it.

My son has yet to decide which of his overabundance of minifigures he will be putting on there but I am sure it will look fantastic once he is finished.  It will also make it easier to find them, instead of having to dig through a drawer to find the one he wants.

Using Sticky Brick Tape to help display minifigures is only one of probably a million ways you can use this product.  You could stick it on walls, on tables, on notebooks, on whatever your imagination can come up with.  Would your little Lego lover go crazy with their very own Sticky Brick tape?

Enter to win a prize pack of 4 rolls of Sticky Brick Tape by clicking on the image below!

Contest open to residents of Canada, US and UK.

Contest ends September 30, 2017.