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Enjoying the sun with Real Shades

Disclosure:  Although items in this post were provided to me, all opinions, comments and photos are strictly mine.


Sure summer is over, but that doesn’t mean that sun isn’t still going to shine and our eyes are going to need protection.  In fact, I sometime find that I need my sunglasses more into the fall and winter more than I do in the summer.   You only get one set of eyes, so you need to make sure that you protect them.  And if you can do it with a bit of style and flare, even better.


Real Shades (previously known as Real Kids Shades) has been providing a line of affordable, quality sunglasses that provide 100% UVA/UVB protection for  children since 2002 and have recently expanded their line to include teenagers and adults.  They work with Prevent Blindness America to stress the importance of keeping our children’s eyes protected.

Even though our optometrist has told my son that wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes is as important as wearing sunscreen to protect his skin, getting him to wear a pair has always been a struggle.  When we received our sunglasses from Real Shades, my son couldn’t wait to try them on.  And ever since, he actually asks to wear them.  It’s a sigh of relief that he is now keeping his previous eyes protected.


The one thing I really liked about Real Shades is they recognize that one size sunglasses do not fit all.  Normally, I can only find kids sizes that fit kids my sons age or full adult size.  For me personally, I often find that full adult sizes don’t fit me properly and I my eyes are not getting protected properly.  I was able to try a pair of the Young Adult size sunglasses and they fit me perfectly and they look super stylish and not like I am wearing kids glasses.


Real Shades has a wide range of different style, colors and sizes to fit and please everyone and their affordable price makes protecting your eyes easy on your wallet.  You can learn more about Real Shades on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page.



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When you need a little Boost!

With kids back to school and it the busiest time of year for my job, a little boost in my day is always appreciated.  Some days, I sit down at my desk and before I know it, my stomach is rumbling and I look at the clock and it’s almost 1 pm.  No wonder I am so hungry.  But it never fails that I am right in the middle of something and I really don’t want to stop what I am doing.

I recently received some of the new  Boost High Protein chocolate shakes to try, thanks to ChickAdvisor.  Because I am forever watching my weight, I have tried meal replacement shakes in the past without a lot of success.  I was always left still feeling hungry shortly afterwards.  With these shakes containing 15g of protein, I was optimistic that perhaps these shakes would hold me out a little longer.


First, I have to say that the taste of these shakes is definitely better than others that I have tried.  Others that I have tried have often tasted very chalky and not appealing at all.  Most times I wouldn’t even want to finish them.  The Boost shakes are not too chocolaty and no chalky aftertaste.  They also come in Vanilla and Strawberry flavors which I am anxious to try.    And paired with a banana or an apple and it kept my hunger under control until I could get home to make dinner.


These shakes have really been helpful this week with work being so busy.  My hunger was controlled and I wasn’t feeling the need to pop into the burger joint next door by 3 o’clock in the afternoon and totally ruining my diet.  I will try and keep these stocked in my fridge at work to help me on the busy days or the days I forget my lunch so that I can make a healthy lunch choice.

Disclosure:  Although these items were provided to me, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

#tryBOOSThp #gotitfree

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Keeping the family clean with Dial

Kids are back to school and that means dirty children from playing at recess, crafts in art class and germs being shared.  That’s why it is important to make sure everyone is washing up, keeping clean and preventing sickness from spreading throughout the school.

You can find a full range of products from Dial that can help keep you and your family squeaky clean.  I make sure I have a bottle of hand soap available by every sink in my home so there is no excuse not to have clean hands and to keep germs at bay.


The last thing I want is to spend the fall/winter months sick so I remind my son how important it is to keep his hands clean especially after he has been playing with friends or at a public place.  It really helps that the hand soaps have such nice yet not overpowering scents, you actually want to use them.  Our current favorite is the Coconut Water and Mango.


And with winter around the corner and having dry skin, I don’t want to use anything that will dry my skin out any more.  I really like the Coconut Oil infused body wash.  I come out of the shower feeling moisturized but not that greasy oily feeling.  I always use a moisturizer when I get out of the shower and after using this body wash, I didn’t feel quite the need.


So bring on the dirt and the grime and the germs that back to school and winter has to throw at us, with Dial soaps we can easily combat them.

Disclosure:  These products were provided to me to review, but all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

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Together Tales – Let’s make reading fun

Disclosure:  Although these items were provided to me, all comments and photos (unless otherwise indicated) are strictly mine.  This post does contain affiliate links.


If your child is anything like mine, they would much rather have a tablet in their hands than an actual book.  He just hasn’t found that real love of reading yet.  But I am working on it.  I have always loved to read but admittedly picking up a book to read in the past few years has been low on my priority list.  I am hoping that my son will find that love of reading and I can push my reading higher up on my list of things to do as an activity that we can do together.   That is why I was thrilled with I was asked by the people at Together Tales asked me if I would take a look at their interactive reading adventure kit.

The kit that we received was called Capes in the Family.  The premise of the kit is that after each chapter is read the child gets to use an app on a tablet/smartphone to play additional games incorporated with the theme of the book.  At the beginning the child receives a telegram to get them started using the app.

Photo provided by Together Tales
Photo provided by Together Tales

My son loved the idea that he could use the app in between chapters and made him actually want to read.  This was a huge plus for me.  Aside from the standard app style games, there is also a scavenger hunt where the child looks for puzzle pieces around your home or wherever you chose based on clues that you input into the app as to where you hid the puzzle pieces.  This was a lot of fun for both my son and myself.  It was something we both got to be involved in.   There was also another activity that was very similar to Pokemon GO.  I had to set 3 local coordinates and then my son had to use the tablet to find said coordinates.  The tablet would indicate if we was getting warmer when he was getting close or colder if he was moving away from the set coordinate.  There are some other great parts included but I don’t want to spoil it for your own adventure.

At the end of the adventure my son gave it the 2 thumbs up and want to try out more of these adventures.  Capes In the Family is currently the only adventure that Together Tales has available but others currently in the works.  I can’t wait to see what kinds of adventures they are.

Jack reading

This is definitely something that I would recommend to anyone who has a reader between the ages of 8-12, especially a reluctant reader.  Incorporating the app is definitely a plus in my mind to help get your child engaged.  If you would like to order your own copy for to Together Tales and enter the discount code ABAHM to get a 15% discount.

You can learn more about Together Tales on their website, Facebook , Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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Controlling the Curl with #Curlfriends

Sure,  I love summer and pretty much everything that goes along with it……except for what the humidity does to my hair.  When you have naturally curly hair, any amount of humidity can turn a good hair day into a bad hair day very quickly.  I personally gave up trying to even think about attempting to straighten my hair years ago because within moments of stepping outside, I would look like I had stuck my finger into a light socket.  Definitely not a pretty sight.

For years I have tried many products to try and tame the frizz but nothing has ever tamed the frizz completely.   Even using multiple products at a time couldn’t even cut it.  I pretty much keep a hair tie with me at all times so I can pull it back to control it somewhat in the dog days of summer.

Recently I was asked to give  Curlfriends, which claims to be “The Frizz Beater” a try.  At this point, I am willing to try anything new to calm the frizz.  I was excited the day it arrived because it called for high humidity the next day.  Perfect day to test it!


The gel is a nice light formula and didn’t feel like it was going to weigh down my hair.  After applying it to my hair and giving a very quick blow dry, I already noticed that it didn’t have the normal frizz level.  In the summer, I don’t tend to blow dry my hair very much to minimize the frizz levels.  Now getting thru the day without a disaster was the true test.


I went about my usual day but specifically made a point to ensure I went outside as often as I could to subject my hair to the humidity and wind of the day.  Normally, my hair shrinks about an inch in length and widens about 3 inches on a typical humid summer day.  After my lunch break, everything was still in place.

By the end of that day, my hair still looked pretty much like it did in the morning.  This is a first for me.  As you can see from the photo below, my hair doesn’t look that much different and this is almost 12 hours later and a windy, very humid day.


In the days since I first tried the product, it has continued to impress me and keep my hair frizz under control and not a complete mess.  If your hair is anything like mine, you need to get this.

You can learn more about the Curlfriends and their full range of products on their website.


**Although this product was provided to me, all comments, opinions and photos are mine.***



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Happy to Smile, thanks to my Spinbrush!

There is a saying that I like to live by, “If you see someone without a smile, give them yours!”.

Recently, I was asked by ChickAdvisor to review the Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Spinbrush toothbrush as part of their #TrySpinBrush campaign.



I was excited to try this one out because if I am going to be sharing my smile, it is important that I keep it healthy and bright.

Normally I just use a manual toothbrush so I was anxious to see how much cleaner my teeth felt after using it.   As soon as it arrived, I brushed my teeth right away.  The way my bottom teeth lay, I can always tell when I am getting a bit of plaque build up on the back of them and ready for my next cleaning.  I am booked for a cleaning soon and so my teeth aren’t feeling their cleanest right now.  Even after that first brushing, the back of my bottom teeth already felt different, like some of that buildup had been removed.

I have been using the toothbrush religiously now for almost 2 weeks and my teeth feel so much cleaner and look even a little bit whiter.

If there was any complaint I could make about this toothbrush, is the motor is a bit loud, but nothing I can’t live with.

This one is definitely a keeper.  I am curious to see what my dentist has to say about my teeth when I go in for my cleaning.



**Although this product was provided to me for free, all thoughts, comments and photos are mine**


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Not a Crazy Cat Lady

When people know that I am a single woman, with a cat, I often get the side eye and know instinctively that in their head they are thinking “oooooh she’s a crazy cat lady”.  Let me set the record straight – I am not a crazy cat lady.  I have one cat that on the most part drives me crazy.  🙂

I have always been a cat person.  I don’t think I can really remember a time in my life that I didn’t have a cat of my own (or at my parents).   Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs too, but I just find that with my life and commitments, that having a dog just isn’t the right fit for me.  Being a single woman, I sometime use the cat the keep me a bit sane at night.  If I hear a random noise at night, I automatically just blame it on the cat.

As much as my cat can sometimes drive me crazy, she definitely is good company to have.  I love nothing more than to have her snuggle up on my lap while I am watching TV.

Recently, Hartz provided us with some of their latest product to try out.

Hartz Just for Cats Twirl and Whirl 


It was hard to get a good picture of this product because I barely had it out of the box and my cat was wanting to play with it.  It contains catnip so she was going crazy for it.  It somewhat reminded me of a fishing rod with feathers and mouse on the end of it.  As you can see by the picture, she pulled it right out of my hands a couple of times.  She loved playing with this, but so did my son.   He couldn’t stop laughing as she kept jumping for it as he would pull it away from her.  Best part, after all the running around, it tires her out and she then sleeps well those nights.



Delectables Lickable Treats


What cat doesn’t love a treat?  Generally my cat eats hard food but when I want to give a treat, I will give her soft food and then add water to it to make it almost a soup.  These Delectable Bisque and Stews save me from all that.  They kind of have the consistency of a baby food puree and my cat ate it up in no time flat.  She devoured it.  One of the samples I received was for a Senior (10yrs +) cat.  My cat is only about 7 yrs old, so I took this to my parents cat to try out.  She tends to be a bit of a picky eater and she had her sample gone in a flash.

Lightweight Litter


If there is one thing I have to complain about with my cat is the litter box.  I can’t stand a smelly litter box and I hate having to drag the big heavy box of litter home from the store.  This Light Weight Multi Cat litter is the answer to those 2 problems.

We were going away a few weekends back, so I decided to give this litter the 2 day test.  I filled the litter box with this litter and left it for the 2 days we were away.  One thing I noticed is that the litter itself has much larger granules than the normal litter I use.  I am guessing it has to do with it being lightweight, as the container was nice and light and much easier to carry.

After returning from being away, I came back to no awful smell and a litter box that was super easy to clean.  This litter definitely clumps better than other brands that I have used.  Being able to remove more of the dirty litter, the less smell.  I will definitely be using this from now on.  Now if only I could get the cat from kicking it on to the floor.

Ultra Care Flea and Tick Products



My cat is an indoor cat, but she does love to sneak out when someone comes to the door.  She never goes far and only ends up being out for a few minutes at a time, but that is time enough for her to pick up bugs, especially fleas and ticks.  Now that the warmer weather is here, I am letting her lay on the porch a bit longer or meander through the front flower beds so I need to be extra cautious.  The Flea Protector is an easy way to prevent the onset of fleas.  Applied once a month, and it takes care of itself.

I like the Flea and Tick spray, as I can apply it directly to her when she comes in from outside.  With Lyme disease from ticks so prevalent these days, I always give her a once over when  she comes in and now give her a spray when needed.  The last thing I need is vet bills from a nasty tick bite.

So like any other member of my family, I like to make sure that she enjoys her time with us and Hartz definitely helps.

You can learn more about the Hartz line of products on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

**Although these products were provided to me, all comments, opinions and pictures are mine.**


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Adrien Gagnon – product reviews

Shop Cratejoy - The ultimate online destination for subscription boxes.

ChickAdvisor recently asked me to review 2 new products from Adrien Gagnon.  They were the Nutriforme Decadent Fudge Meal Replacement bar and the Super Energex.

As a busy, single Mom, keeping my energy levels up and ensuring I eat breakfast are important.  Both of these products are perfect to help my through my day.

Nutriforme Decadent Fudge Meal Replacement bar



I have tried many a meal replacement bar in my day and I have always coming away thinking the same thing, they have a really chalky taste to them and they suppress my hunger for about 10 minutes.  I was pleasantly surprised with this one.  It definitely didn’t have that chalky, mealy taste and the fudge taste was not too sweet or overpowering.  It was also very filling. I didn’t get that 11am hungry feeling that I normally get and my appetite was satisfied until lunch time.  This bar is recommended as a meal replacement for 1-2 meals a day to help with weight loss.  Although, I wasn’t particularly using it for that purpose, I would definitely consider it as it is very filling and kept my hunger at bay.

Super Energex


I have to admit, I was super skeptical about this product.  On the info card that I received it claimed “An energizing tonic that fights fatigue and helps increase resistance to stress.”  The first day I was planning to try this product, I woke up with a wicked headache and feeling downright awful.  At that point, anything to make me feel better would be welcome.   Once you mix the tonic with water, the color is a bit, well, brown.  I was going to give this stuff a chance no matter how bad it looked or tasted.  I decided that perhaps chugging would be the best option.  But once I started drinking, the orange flavor it stated was actually quite good.  There was no need to down it quickly at all.  It was much more pleasant than the color prepared me for.  Within minutes of drinking it, I was already starting to feel much more alert and energized.   It has now been over a week and my energy levels are definitely increased when using this product.


**These products were provided to me.  However, all comments, opinions and photos are mine.**

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Not just a walk in the park – Skyzone Whitby

Recently, we were invited to come and hang out at Skyzone Trampoline Park in Whitby.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to check them out, you definitely need to go.  It’s a great place for families to go and have a fun activity together and a little exercise thrown in as well.


It is a huge facility that can accommodate a lot of jumpers but booking your jump time ahead of arriving is definitely recommended, especially on the weekends.  I have been there before on a weekend and it was at capacity, and walk-ins were unable to be accepted.  If you are looking for a less crowded time, I would definitely recommend early evening on a week night.

When I first heard about Skyzone, I just imagined a bunch of trampolines all together for people to jump on, but there are so many things that they have to offer there.  Aside from the Open Jump, there is Ultimate Dogdgeball (exactly what it sounds like, Dodgeball on trampolines), Skyslam (trampoline basketball hoops), a toddler friendly area and my son’s personal favorite the Foam Zone where you jump into a pit full of foam blocks.20160420_175027_HDR


In additional to the regular use of the facility, they also offer SkyCamp Summer Session, which is a full day camp running this summer, once a month they offer a Sensory night where the lights and music are turned down, and my personal favorite Skyrobics. Skyrobics is an hour long exercise class on the trampoline.  It definitely is an amazing workout.


The facility also offers several birthday party packages which include jump time and party room for you guests.  And of course, private events and groups packages are available.

Aside from all the different events and options available, we had a great time just jumping around in the open jump area.  There is something about that feeling of weightlessness as you bounce into the air.  You are always having such a good time that you almost forget that you are actually getting the benefits of exercise too.


So if you are looking for something fun that the entire family can enjoy, I would definitely recommend checking out Skyzone.  You can learn more about Skyzone on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Oh and don’t forget, on your way out, don’t forget to add your sticker to their ever growing sticker ball.



**Although the tickets were provided to us, all pictures, comments and opinions are strictly my own.**


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COVERGIRL® Plumpify Mascara review

For years I have been searching for the “perfect” mascara. I want one that gives my puny little eyelashes some volume and lift and make my eyes stand out. And for years, I have spent countless dollars, only to be disappointed time and time again.  They would never seem to have the right combination of what I was looking for – volume without the lift or lift but no volume or just a downright clumpy mess.   I was becoming very discouraged and was settling for less than perfect.

I was asked to try out COVERGIRL® Plumpify Mascara and  I am not going to lie, I was setting myself up for another disappointment.  But, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  I think this is definitely the closest mascara I have found that has what I am looking for.  It definitely gave my lashes volume and enough lift to look like I had used a lash curler, and this was only after one coat.

Before and After

Obviously with a second coat the lashes were thicker but for general day to day where, only one coat was really necessary for me.   The double action brush was a bit awkward at first, but once I figured out the correct angle to use it at, it worked great.  I definitely recommend dabbing the end of the brush off the first few times you use it, as it seems to accumulate a lot of the product on it.


Being a contact lens wearer, I find some mascara’s can irritate my eyes, but I have not had a single issue at all with this product.  One of the best parts is that it washes off so easily, no raccoon eyes here.

In all, this is definitely a product I would recommend to anyone and has become my go-to mascara.  I will be purchasing it going forward.

**** Please note that although this product was provided to me, all comments, and opinions and photos are mine.